Reapply after a Refusal on a Visitor Visa

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Visitor Visa Refusal

Working hard to compile and submit a visitor visa application and waiting for the processing time only to have it refused can be a very frustrating and disappointing experience.

Often, many of our clients do not even understand what they "did wrong" or why they are being refused. They submitted all the documents on the checklist, they completed all the forms, they paid all the right fees and yet somehow they were still refused.

The answer, though unclear to them at the time, is not that they did something wrong, it's because the officer was not satisfied based on what was provided. Just because you submit the documents requested of an application does not guarantee success. The document checklists provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada is a list of the bare minimum requirements in order to have your application assessed by an officer.

Having all the documents on the list does not necessarily mean you have a strong case or one that satisfies the needs of the officer. When your application is refused, you will normally get a letter to this effect. This letter sometimes outlines the reason for refusal, and sometimes it does not.

Akrami & Associates has a great deal of experience assisting people come to Canada, whatever their reason for coming. We will assess the merits of your case and provide you with a list of documents that goes above and beyond the list of documents required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. As we anticipate what the officer will want to see based on the unique merits of your case, we will provide you with a list of additional documents you should provide to strengthen your case and maximize your chances for success.

Even if you have already submitted your visitor visa application, we can still assist you through a "takeover." This means that we will review your application for its strengths and weaknesses and we will point out how and where you will need to increase your chances for success. We will subsequently advise the officer making a decision on your matter that we are the representatives on file and begin providing documentation to strengthen your case. Just because you have submitted a matter does not mean that you can no longer provide documentation to be attached to your application.

You can refile for an application at any time but you should certainly consider the reasons for refusal if they were provided to you and work on strengthening those weaknesses.

 Akrami & Associates is committed to making your goals in Canada a reality. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

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