Temporary Entry to Canada Primary Examination Questions

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Primary examination questions are designed to elicit essential information about citizenship, residency, intention, employment, length of stay and identity as quickly as possible.

Depending on the reason of entering Canada, the immigration officer at the border needs to ask these basic questions to confirm your intentions for entering Canada. Of course there could be more questions asked. But being prepared for the basics is a start.

Issue Question Rationale


What is your citizenship?

By asking this question first, the officer can identify persons who may enter Canada by right. It is rare that persons who have a right to enter Canada would be referred to Immigration Secondary. If the person is not Canadian, this question enables the offcer to identify those persons who may require a passport or a visa to enter Canada. If the person has a machine-readable passport, the officer does not necessarily have to ask about citizenship. A passport reader, however, is no substitute for a good verbal examination.


Where do you reside?

This question helps the officer to determine the passport and visa requirements of foreign nationals. By determining residency, the officer can eliminate from an Immigration Secondary examination those travellers who are permanent residents of Canada and who may enter Canada by right. If the person is a permanent resident, the officer may ask the supplementary question: "How long have you been away?" The officer must refer for Immigration Secondary examination all permanent residents who may not comply with the residency obligation, which requires permanent residents to reside in Canada for at least 730 days out of every five- year period to maintain their status. The possible loss of permanent resident status under section A46 can be further explored at a secondary examination.


What is the purpose of your trip to Canada?

Once the officer determines that the foreign national may not come into Canada by right, they must establish why the person is coming to Canada. By asking this question, they can identify the need for a referral to CBSA Immigration Secondary for control purposes (for example,to become a permanent resident, to work or study).


Do you intend to take or seek employment while in Canada?

If the officer has not yet determined whether the person is coming to Canada to work, this question ensures that employment opportunities for Canadians are protected and that the person will comply with relevant employment regulations.

Length of stay

How long do you intend to stay in Canada?

Officers may allow persons to enter Canada for a stay of up to six months and should stamp the passport of persons who are otherwise admissible. Persons who are intending to remain in Canada for longer than six months should be referred for a secondary examination.


What is your name?

If the officer has any reason to doubt the person's identity, they will ask for the person's name. A comparison can then be made with the person's documents to determine if the name given is the same as the name in the document.

If the officer doubts the bona fides of a person or believes that a detailed examination may be in order then you will be send to should refer the Immigration Secondary examination.

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