Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

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Temporary Resident Visa

If you do not come from a country which is considered exempt from a temporary resident visa, otherwise known as a visitor visa, you'll be required to obtain one prior to entering Canada. Before you plan your visit to Canada, you should first determine whether not you will be required to obtain this documentation.

What is a Temporary Resident Visa?

A Temporary Resident Visa or visitor visa is documentation that will allow you to travel to and enter Canada for the validity of the visa. Temporary resident visas orVisitor Visas can be either single entry or multiple entry visas. A single entry visa means that you will stay in Canada for the duration of the visa and are not authorized to re-enter should you exit. Multiple entry visa means that you are able to come and go from Canada for the duration of the Temporary Resident Visa or visitor visa.

Do I require a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada?

In order to determine whether or not you come from a country which acquires a visitor visa you will need to go to the citizenship and immigration website to determine whether or not your country is classified under this list. If you come from a country which is exempt, like the United States of America and many countries in Europe, you will not be required to obtain a visitor visa or temporary visa prior to entering Canada. However, if your country does not appear on the list of exempt countries, like the Ukraine or India for example, you will first be required to obtain this visa prior to entering Canada. If you do not obtain this visa prior to the intended travel, you will not be allowed to board the plane to Canada.

How long am I able to stay in Canada with a visitor visa?

Visitor visas or temporary resident visas have an expiry date. This is considered to be the validity of your visitor visa or temporary resident visa. The duration of your visa is determined by the immigration officer who was assessing your application and is contingent on many varying factors. It is completely at the discretion of the immigration officer as to how long he or she wishes to allow you entry. A Visitor Visas or temporary resident visas can be as long as one year or as short as three days depending on your intended purpose in Canada and the immigration officer running a decision on your matter. In order to comply with rules and regulations of citizenship and immigration Canada all temporary residents are required to exit Canada upon expiring of their visitor visa. If your Visitor Visas expired and you are still in Canada with no other status you are considered to be overseen in Canada and can be subject to removal.

What documentation do I need for a Visitor Visa?

A Temporary Resident Visa or visitor visa is a temporary document that allows a temporary stay in Canada. Aside from the basic documentation required for this type of visas such as basic identification, one of the main obstacles of obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa is demonstrating that your stay in Canada is temporary in nature and that your exit Canada upon the expiring date of your approve visitor visa. You should provide documentation that demonstrates your intended purpose in Canada is temporary as well as strong ties to your home country that will satisfy an officer that you stay is indeed temporary in nature. Demonstrating ties your home country can be in the form of proof of ownership, funds or investments in your home country, family ties and employment. Though obtaining a visitor visa does not require a substantial amount of documentation as per the guidelines of citizenship and immigration Canada, they are complex in nature and not easily obtained, providing strong documentary evidence to support your application is key to successful outcome.

What is the processing time for a Temporary Resident Visa?

Temporary resident visas are processed by these offices abroad and are based on your current country of residence or country of citizenship. Each visa office is unique and offers its own criteria as well as processing times. You should review the visa office abroad responsible for your country and processing application to determine if any further documentation or applications are required as well as their unique processing times. This will give you an idea of when you should submit your application in order to allow sufficient processing time prior to your intended date of travel.

What happens when my visitor visa expires?

If you are currently in Canada on a visitor visa and your visa is close to expiring, there are a number of options available to you. The first thing you need to do is determine whether not you wish to remain in Canada past expire date of your visitor visa. If you do intend to remain in Canada, you must submit an application to change conditions or extend your stay in Canada prior to the expiry date of your visitor visa. If you do not submit an application prior to the expiry of your visitor visa, you will have 90 days to either exit the country or restore your status.

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