Visitor Visa Requirements

Applying for a Visitor’s Visa

Canada has always been known to be an accepting country of visitors. A visitor’s visa is a stamp on your passport which proves that you are cleared by the Canadian government to be allowed into the country. Canada accepts visitors from all backgrounds and creeds with due process. This means that if you take the necessary legal steps to apply and receive a visitor’s visa, you should have no problem obtaining a visitor’s visa. This article will talk about who needs a visitor’s visa, how to extend a visitor’s visa, and a visa overstay welcome.

Basic Travel Requirements for a Visitor’s Visa

In order for you to begin your application process, you must ensure that you oblige by this checklist to ensure that your application will run as smoothly as possible. These are the requirements:

  • have a the necessary travel documents
  • have no serious health issues
  • have no criminal convictions or criminal history which may make you inadmissible
  • convince an immigration officer that you have a strong connection to your home country—such as a job, home, financial assets or family
  • convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit
  • have enough money to cover the costs of your stay

Visa Processing and Biometrics

After you have applied for a visitor’s visa on the Canadian government website you will receive a letter asking you to provide your biometrics within 30 days of receiving the letter or E-mail. If your application is incomplete, your application will be sent back to be finished. You may also be asked to conduct an interview with officials in your country, get a medical exam, or get a police certificate—so be prepared for any circumstance! Processing application usually takes only a few weeks, but of course this depends on the amount of steps the individual needed to take in order to finish the application process. If any documents have been found to be forged or fake will be kept and not returned, while legitimate documents—such as your passport, will be returned.

Who needs a Visitor’s Visa

This question depends on who is applying for entry into Canada, their background, and also their circumstance.

Foreign Workers:

Depending on your country of origin, a foreign worker may need an eTA or a visitor’s visa. Application for a visa will be including the work permit, not separate. The visa will be issued at the same time as your work permit.

US Citizens/ Green Card Holders:

US citizens do not need a visitor’s visa or an eTA to enter into Canada, only a valid I.D. and US passport. Green card holders likewise do not need a visitor’s visa or an eTA, with the exception of flying or transit into Canada. Flight or transit into Canada by a green card holder requires them to have an eTA.

Other Internationals:

Most other internationals will be required to obtain either a Canadian visitor’s visa or an eTA, which can be obtained online through the Canadian government website.

Extending your stay as a Visitor

To extend your visitor’s visa, you must apply to extend your stay at least 30 days before your visa expires. This date will be recorded on your study/work permit, or your passport stamp. If you apply to extend your permit and your visa expires, you are allowed to remain in Canada until your application is processed—this is called implied status. If you are currently a temporary resident in Canada with either a study or work permit, you can re-apply for a new visitor visa to return to Canada before you leave.

Overstay Welcome—Removal Orders

If you have been granted a visitor’s visa and have overstayed your visit, you will be subject to a removal order. Removal orders are issues after you have overstayed you visit and have not returned to your country of origin or have not applied to extend you visa 30 days prior.

Departure Order:

You will receive a departure order letter once you have overstayed your visit. If you leave Canada within the 30 day required time frame and have confirmed your departure with an immigration officer at a Canadian port of exit, you will not need an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). If you leave the country after the 30 day time frame, or do not confirm your departure with an immigration officer, the departure order becomes a deportation order and you’ll need an ARC.

Exclusion Order:

If you are issues an exclusion order and 12 months have passed since you left Canada and have a certificate of departure, you will not need an ARC. If you wish to return to Canada and 12 months have not passed or you do not have the certificate of departure you will require an ARC.

Deportation Order:

If you have not left Canada within the 30 days of your departure order or have not confirmed your departure with an immigration officer during your over-stay, you will be given a deportation order. This means that if you wish to ever return to Canada again, you will need an ARC.

If you are applying to come to Canada for any reason, you should notsubmit a separate application for an ARC. If your application is approved, the ARC will be taken into consideration with your visitor’s visa application. Of course, you will be asked to pay the fee. Processing fees are not refundable no matter what the final outcome of your application is. If your application is refused and you want you want to apply again, you will have to pay another processing fee for your application. This is why it’s important to seek professional consultation on the matter to avoid repeating applications and paying extra unnecessary costs.

Contact Akrami & Associates

Although Canada is an accepting country for visitors, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain a visitor’s visa when trying to enter into Canada. Your circumstances may not allow you the opportunity to visit this wonderful country. Whether you are an international visitor or a foreign worker, you will need a visitor’s visa or an eTA in order to visit Canada. Getting the proper consultation will help your application process run as smoothly as possible to ensure you are not denied entry without knowing. Have you overstayed your last visit and worried you won’t be able to return to Canada? No worries! Akrami & Associates can help you with that as well. With years of experience of dealing with overstayed visits and ARC applications, Akrami & Associates can provide you and your loved ones the proper consultation and advice necessary to allow you to be able to return to Canada without a hassle. For further questions and inquiries, please call us at (416) 447-2545. We can provide legal assistance or consultation with an immigration professional for you or your loved ones.

With Akrami & Associates, there is always a way!


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