Who is a Member of the Family Class

When sponsoring a member of the family class, you will need to also know, what exactly is a member of the family class? It goes beyond your spouse, common law or conjugal partner. This class extends to relatives as well and are those who can essentially be sponsored under this application type, assuming that the category is still open.

Below is a list of those who qualify as a member of the family class and can therefore be sponsored by a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

1. Spouse, Common Law Partner or Conjugal partner

This category is a straight forward one provided you meet the requirements. Your spouse is your legally married and valid spouse.  A Common Law Partner is someone you share interdependence with and have been cohabitating with for at least one year.  A conjugal partner is someone you have a relationship with for at least 12 months, which is more than simply a physical relationship, and for reasons beyond your control you have been unable to cohabitate with them or become legally married.

2. Dependent child

Under the age of 22 years and does not have a spouse or common-law partner; Over the age of 22 and has been enrolled as a full time student AND depends largely on the financial support of a parent since before age of 22; or has Become a spouse or a common-law partner before the age of 22 and has been enrolled as a full time student AND as depended largely on the financial support of a parent since before the age of 22.

3. Father or Mother

Your biological mother or father or legal guardian would constitute as a parent. Unfortunately this category is currently closed. It is scheduled to re-open in January of 2014.

4. Grandfather or Grandmother

Again, this category is currently closed but is scheduled to reopen in January 2015.

5. Orphan and Adopted Child under the age of 18, Sibling, Niece or Nephew, or Grandchild of Sponsor

You may sponsor your intended family member for permanent status provided you meet the other rigorous requirements.

6. One Relative*

This is a very unique case where you can sponsor any one relative provided if you have no other member of the family class who is a Canadian citizen or member of the First Nations or permanent resident or who can be sponsored.

Before taking the steps to begin any application, it is wise to make certain that you first qualify and meet the basic requirements.

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