How to get a Business Visitor Visa to Canada

Travelling to Canada as Business Visitor Visa

Do you miss out on a lot of business meetings because you live outside of the country? Do you miss a big work even solely because it is happening somewhere you do not live? Imagine how convenient it would be to obtain a visitor’s visa and be able to attend out of the country work meetings. All your problems will be solved when you choose to apply for a Business Visitor Visa. It is a hard process to obtain a business visitor’s visa due to the fact that it may be difficult for you to prove that you are coming to Canada for solely business purposes only. At Akrami & Associates one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff will assist you with your case by providing you step by step instructions on what documents the government inquires along with your application, and the applicable government/processing fees. At Akrami & Associates, we have successfully assisted many business visitors and we can help you too! With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!

What is a Business Visitor Visa?

A Business Visitor Visa, likewise its name, is a visa the enables people to visit Canada temporarily to do business outside of their country of residence for work purposes. A Business Visitor Visa allows an individual (who possess it) to engage in international, in this case Canadian business activities. The one thing that the Canadian government despises is when people who use a business visitor visa to enter the Canadian labour market. Because of this, it makes it that much harder to obtain a Business Work Permit; in order to prove to the immigration officer that you are in Canada solely for business purposes, you will need to include an extensive amount of proof that you are making money/have a steady job outside of Canada. The longer you stay in Canada the more documentation of proof you will need to provide that will prove that you will be returning back to your home country because of your family/work ties. If you are looking for ways to grow your business (and it requires to travel to Canada to do so), or if you are looking to invest in your company by buying goods from Canada and/or to just advance your business relationships then the Business Visitor Visa may be for you!

Who is eligible to obtain a Business Visitor Visa?

There are many things that can restrain you from obtaining a Business Visitor’s Visa such as using a Business Visitor Visa as a loop hole to get into the Canadian labour market, or that you are going to stay more than the time period you are provided by the immigration officer. These include determinations by an Immigration Officer that the foreign national is not medically or criminally inadmissible, that the visit is temporary and that the foreign national intends to leave Canada by the end of the period authorized for his or her stay. Although it is very difficult to obtain a Business Visitor Visa , if you choose to hire Akrami & Associates, we will use our expertise to help you receive the best possible outcome of your case. Although it is very difficult to obtain a business visitor visa, there are many ways that you can prove that you are in Canada for solely business reasons by providing detailed proof. Some ways that you can prove to the officer that you will be returning back home after your temporary visit by including a letter from your place of employment or proof showing that you will not be paid during your visit in Canada. If you stay more than 6 months, the officer may tell you to leave the country or apply for a work permit. In order to be eligible for a Business Visitor Visa and you’re not from a visa-exempt country, you will be required to apply for a TRV. TRV is a connotation for Temporary Resident Visa, it is a Temporary Resident Visa which is issued to an individual who wishes to travel to Canada for temporary basis either for leisure, business, work or study purposes.

Difference between a Business Visitor and a Business Immigrant

A Business Visitor, as stated previously, is an individual who wishes to perform work related tasks inside Canada but not involving him/herself in the Canadian labour market. The Business Visitors must prove that their (business) source of income is from outside Canada. The Business Immigrant is someone who comes to Canada with intentions to establish their company in Canada and evolve economically inside of Canada. Business Immigrants usually fall under three categories, investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people. Any person coming to Canada for business related projects must be in good health and should also not have any criminal records.

Business Visitor Visa  Application Fee?

Obviously, as with any government application, there comes an attached processing fee along with it. For a business visitor’s visa you have three options: multiple entry, single entry, and a family total visa cost. For a Multiple entry it costs $100 CAD, for a Single entry it is also $100 CAD, if you decide that you want to bring your family, the family total visa cost is $500 CAD. If you are coming from a non-visa exempt country, you will also need to pay a Electronic Travel Authorization, also known as an eTA which only costs $7. At Akrami and Associates we understand that many of our clients have financial problems. Don’t fret! Akrami & Associates has many alternative options that you can choose from and the alternatives are just as beneficial to your application process.

Documents required when applying for a Business Visitor Visa

With any government application, you are required to include documentation so that the officer is satisfied with the grounds of your visit and that you will eventually be returning back to your home country once your visitation period in Canada has come to an end. Some of the documents you are required to include when applying for a Business Visitor Visa is a passport or travel document that guarantees you will return to your home country, a TRP (temporary resident permit) if applicable, eTA (have paid the required government fee of $7 CAD), invitation letter from your company’s Canadian host, work contract/agreement, financial support proof, and all other documents that is relevant to your stay that will help enhance your application. The more proof you include about your ties back to your home country, and that you are not abusing Canada’s labour market, the higher the chances are of you obtaining your business visitor’s visa.

Contact Akrami and Associates Today!

At Akrami & Associates we have proudly completed many Business Visitor Visa applications successfully and can help yours be successful as well! At Akrami & Associates, we have a high success rate regarding Business Visitor Visas and would be more than happy to help you solve your case resulting in a successful outcome. Do not hesitate to call us today! That’s what we’re here for, we thrive to see our clients succeed! One of our Associates will help you execute a successful plan. Remember, no matter how big or how small your case may be, with Akrami & Associates there is always a way!

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