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Extend Your Stay in Canada

A work permit allows you to reside in and work in Canada temporarily but only for the duration for your work permit. Should you wish to remain in Canada longer than this, you will need to either change your status or extend your stay in Canada.

My work permit is about to expire but my job is extended, what do I do?

You will need to submit an application to change conditions or extend your stay in Canada as a worker before your work permit expires. If you do not submit the application prior, you will lose your status and ability to work. You will need to provide proof that your work has indeed been extended.

I am in Canada on a work permit but want to change employers, is this possible?

As you have obtained your current work permit to work with your current employer, you will need an entirely new work permit for a new employer. Unfortunately, you cannot just swap work permits between employers. Most likely your work permit will specify that you are only able to work for your current specific employer. If you are currently in possession of an open work permit, this does allow you to work for any employer unless otherwise specified on the permit. Do not start your new job without acquiring a new work permit.

My work status is expiring but I do not want to leave Canada, what can I do to remain in Canada?

If your status as a worker is expiring and you are unable to continue or extend your employment, you can submit an application to change your conditions or extend your stay as a visitor. This will allow you to remain in Canada as a visitor, if successful. You will not be able to work however perhaps your extra time in Canada as a visitor will allow you to find other employment. If so, you can apply for a work permit again.

I have been on a work permit in Canada for a while, can I get my Permanent Resident (PR) status?

Depending on the nature of your work, how long you have been employed in Canada, and the duties of your occupation, you may be eligible for permanent residence in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class or FSW Arranged Employment.

Permanent Residence Arranged Employment

Employers who would like to offer full time and permanent employment to a foreign worker who wishes to immigrate to Canada can accomplish this but submitting an application under the Federal Skilled Worker Program with arranged employment. Applicants with arranged employment will be treated with priority and there is no application cap.

How can I find an employer in Canada?

Finding a job is no easy task for both Canadians and prospective immigrants. You will need to find an employer who is not only willing to hire you but support you in applying for certain documentation you will need to procure your immigration to Canada. Whether it is a Labour Market Opinion or an arranged employment opinion, your employer will need to provide certain documentation to assist in this. Sadly, not all employers are willing to undertake such efforts. You will need to find the right employer. There are many excellent job sites as well as services in Canada for people attempting to find employment. Consider researching before you endeavor to come to Canada.

I have found a permanent job in Canada, how do I apply for permanent residence?

Similar to a work permit application where a Labour Market Opinion is required, so too is when you have arranged employment. Once you have obtained a positive labour market opinion, you will then proceed to applying for permanent residence.

What documents will I need from an employer if any?

Your employer will need to provide you with certain details about the business in general as well as provide you with proof of a valid job offer. Documents like articles of incorporation, taxation information, property ownership or lease as well as a contract are just some of the items your employer will need to provide.

What documents will I need to apply for arranged employment in Canada?

Aside from the documents your employer will need to provide you, you will need proof that you meet the requirements of the position being offered. Documents like any degrees or diplomas, transcripts, your resume, letters of recommendation etc. will definitely be useful if not outright required.

Does any job qualify for arranged employment?

The job offer you receive must be full time, permanent and be considered to be a skill type A, B, or 0. Skill types can be found on the National Occupational Classification Matrix. You will need to determine whether or not your duties align with one of these skill sets. If it does, than it qualifies for arranged employment. If the position does not fall under one of these skill sets, unfortunately, it does not qualify.

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