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There have been many changes to the requirements of obtaining a Canadian Work Permit through the Labour Market Impact Assessment. Watch our video below that discusses the changes to high skilled and low skilled occupations and its prevailing wage requirements to meet the eligibility to obtain a Work Permit for Canada.

Canada Work Permit Changes

Work Permit Changes:

  • Labour Market Opinion (LMO) renamed to Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Before this change the Temporary Foreign Worker was divided into two categories the High Skilled Workers and the Low Skilled Workers and the positions were located under NOC O, A or B which were considered High Skilled and occupations that were considered C and D were considered Low Skilled.
  • When you apply for these positions you can know what your category your occupation falls under by simply going to the NOC matrix and from there it will if your occupation is A, B, C or D and so forth. So you can determine from whether your occupation is High Skilled or Low Skilled
  • each streams have its own special requirements whether it is High or Low Skilled
  • recruitment efforts and daily wages are different
  • The categories are now like this: The Stream for High Skilled Occupation could be divided into High Wage Workers as well as Low Wage Workers and The Stream for Low Skilled Occupation could be divided into High Wage Workers and Low Wage Workers. The High Skilled Occupation is still related to skill set level O, A, or B and the Low Skilled Occupations are still C or D.

The reason we are saying High Wage Workers or Low Wage Workers it depends on what the employer is willing to pay the candidate. For example, currently the position for the prevailing wage under the Service Canada website you can see what the prevailing wage is for each province, for example for Alberta right now it is $24.23. Now should this position be a NOC A and the employer decides to give this candidate $20.00 instead of the regular $24.23 then you could fill out the application for the Stream of High Skilled Occupation Low Wage Worker, because you’re paying the applicant below the prevailing wage. That is why it is divided into those two categories but is sub divided into the high or low wage category, another example would be in BC currently the prevailing wage is $21.79 and let’s say this position is a NOC C and the employer is willing to pay above the prevailing wage like $25.00 in that case it would be the Low Stream Occupation High Wage Worker.

When you fill out your application form you have to make sure that the relevant and the applicable application form is chosen and as well you explain this in a cover letter to the immigration officer that you are paying above or below the prevailing wage and explain your reasons.

If you’re having difficulty finding a candidate to fill in the position as the employer you can increase the prevailing wage and leaving the posting on Job Bank Canada for a longer time frame than the required four week recruitment. So you can play around to entice and inform Service Canada that you were doing everything you possibly can to get Canadians to apply for the position but you were not able find a candidate and had no choice but to reach out to foreign workers.

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