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Want to work in Canada? Wondering how long it takes to obtain a Work Permit? If so, watch our video on the recent changes that have taken place in immigration which affects the length of time Work Permits are issued. Learn more by watching our video! 

Canada Work Permit Duration

If you have job offer with an employer in Canada you are eligible to apply for the Work Permit, depending on your country of citizenship and purpose of work you may be exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Due to the LMIA in effect the duration of the Work Permit being issued has changed. Work Permits used to get issued for a 4 year period but now they are only issued for 1 year. So whatever the position may be especially lower skilled occupations get only a maximum of 1 year from Service Canada.

This is really important especially for perspective employers, if you are interested in getting this candidate or applicant for longer than 1 year then perhaps you might consider offering the applicant a permanent full time position and this way while you have the applicant here on a Work Permit for 1 year you can subsequently also process a PR application.

LMIA and the whole Work Permit process can be extremely lengthy so you should consider thinking about the future, just a LMIA could take about a couple of days depending on the high skills or high wages you pay up to 3-4months and from there apply for the Work Permit and the processing time for the Work Permit depends on the applicants country of citizenship. Certain citizenships are processed fast while other such as Philippines processing time can take 8 to 12 months. These are some things you need to keep in mind as the applicant and the employer that you are set for the future.

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