5 Categories for Alberta PNP program

1. Employer Driven Stream:

this category is based on job offers and to get qualified for this category you need the following:

  • The applicant needs a permanent and full time job offer from an employer in Alberta.
  • The applicant’s job should be in skilled occupation type O, A or B.
  • For NOC O legislators a university degree of bachelors or masters or doctorate is needed or a professional designation is required.
  • For applicants under NOC A, a university degree is necessary.
  • For applicants under NOC B, two to three years of post-secondary education at any community college is required.
  • The applicants need 18-72 months of apprenticeship with trade certification.
  • Applicants who are in apprenticeship are not eligible.

2. International Graduate Category:

this category is for applicants who completed or obtained a degree or diploma in any graduate level program at university or college or technical school in Canada.

  • The applicant should be in an education program for at least two years in an undergraduate level or 1 year in graduation level.
  • The applicant should have a job with the employer in Alberta.
  • The applicant should be employed on post graduate work permit for minimum of 6 months prior to the application time.
  • The job should be in one of skill types of 0, A or B.

3. Semi-skilled worker category:

  • The applicant should have permanent and full time job offer.
  • The applicant’s job offer should be from an Alberta employer.
  • The applicant’s job should fall into one of the NOC skill types- 0, A or B.
  • The applicant’s job may be in
    • food and beverages processing industry
    • Hotel or lodging industry.
    • Manufacturing industry
    • Long-Haul Trucking industry
    • Food Services industry

This category is limited to 600 nominations per year. So submitting your application as soon as possible is key here.

4. Family Stream Category:

If you have some relative living in Alberta then this category is for you. the following relations are valid:

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • Aunt
  • Uncle
  • Nephew
  • Niece

Proof of relationship should be submitted along with the application. The sponsor should be at least 21 years old and he must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Canada for at least two years and he should have lived in Alberta for at least two years in the past. The sponsor should be employed and should have a private pension or some other source of income so that he can support the family members. Minimum income should be 15000 Canadian dollars. The applicant should have necessary language skills in English or French.

5. Self-Employed Farmer Category:

If you are looking at purchasing a farming enterprise then this is the category for you.

        • If the applicant have a proposed plan for the farming enterprise.
        • If the applicant has financial documents for his farming enterprise.
        • The applicant should have documents related to education and work experience.
        • Proof confirming that a Canadian financial institution is going to finance the proposal.
        • The applicant should be committed to invest at least 500,000 Canadian dollars into the proposed farming enterprise in Alberta.
        • The applicant should have proper documentation proving that he can access 500,000 Canadian dollars.
        • The applicant should have necessary farming resources to develop the farming operation.
        • The applicant should personally represent himself to the Alberta agriculture and should demonstrate the financial capability and interest in investing.

Our company can help you with the provincial nominee program of Alberta. We can determine in which category you are eligible. Call us today and get started.

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