Canadian Experience Class CEC 101

Canadian experience class is for those who are already living in Canada and have work experience in Canada alongside communication skill in either one the two official languages of Canada; they are English and French. Through the Canadian experience class you are able to apply for permanent resident.


  • plan to live outside the province of Quebec,
  • have at least 12 months of full-time (or an equal amount in part-time) skilled work experience in Canada in the three years before you apply,
  • have gained your experience in Canada with the proper authorization,
  • meet the required language levels needed for your job for each language ability (speaking, reading, writing, and listening)

Work Experience

To apply permanent resident through CEC you need:

  • You need at least one year of full-time experience (or the equivalent in part-time work) as a skilled worker in Canada.
  • Full-time work means at least 30 hours per week, and you need to have worked at least 1,560 hours in a year.
  • The one-year of work experience must have been obtained within the three years preceding the date your CEC application is received.

Skilled Work Experience

You must have at least 12 months of full-time, or an equal amount in part-time, skilled work experience. The skill work experience must be in these categories:

  • Managerial jobs (NOC skill type 0)
  • Professional jobs (NOC skill type A)
  • Technical jobs and skilled trades (NOC skill type B)

Language Requirements

To show your eligibility for Canadian experience class you must prove your proficiency in one of Canada’s two official languages, which are English and French. The four linguistic abilities are speaking, reading, listening and writing. The required level of ability in English or French will vary according to your occupation.

Application requirements

The application processing fee for a single person is $550 in Canadian funds. There are additional fees if another member of your family is applying at the same time. The processing fees for you and your dependants must be paid when you submit your application.

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