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Want to visit Canada? Not sure if you need an inviter or invitation letter to visit Canada? If so, watch our video to find out your next steps to Canada!!

Do You Need to be Invited to Canada

Are you planning to invite a friend over to Canada and wondering what your responsibilities will be as the inviter or if you have to include an invitation letter as visitor to Canada. You have to remember that you are not required to have an invitation letter when applying for a tourist visa to Canada. If you have a family members or friends inviting you to Canada then the invitation letter would be helpful. There are a lot of travellers that come to Canada that don’t have relatives or friends but come to Canada for sightseeing, business or tourism purposes. So just because you don’t have the invitation letter does mean you cannot apply for a Visitor Visa. The important part of the application whether you have an inviter or not is including ample amount of documents that demonstrates ties to your home country such as assets, property, family, bank statements, school anything that shows your intentions to Canada are temporary.

If in your application you are stating you will be visiting your cousin or a friend the individual inviting you to Canada as to be able to provide the invitation letter which outlines and demonstrates that you will be visiting them while you are in Canada. If your inviters are also willing to offer you hospitality like covering basic necessities like food, shelter and accommodations should be included in the Invitation Letter. If the inviter wants to support you financially it should be stated in the Invitation Letter and including proof of income. This can be done by providing bank statements, employment letter stating how much you make anything else that can demonstrate you are financially capable of supporting the visitor. Remember the Inviter and the applicant both have to write letters the visitor stating who they will be visiting, for how long and what support they will provide and similarly the inviter writes a letter stating for how long the visitor will stay with you and your responsibilities when the visitor comes.

If you are planning to Visit Canada and need assistance with the Visitor Visa application then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember Invitation Letters are not mandatory but if you are visiting friends and family it is recommended to include the invitation letter.

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