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If you intend on visiting Canada you need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) also known as a Visitor Visa. There are many factors the immigration officer considers prior to granting you the Temporary Resident Visa. Watch our video and find out what type of documents you need to include so that you may have a smooth entry into Canada. 

Visitor Visas How We Can Help

A Visitor Visa also known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is a document that you will need if you intend to visit Canada for temporary basis. This document must be obtained by individuals that come from non-visa exempt countries such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, please see CIC if your country of citizenship requires a visa. So before planning your trip to Canada make sure you get your visa for entry. Without this status document you will not be able to board the commercial means of transportation that you attend to use to come to Canada. So whether you travel by land, boat or sea you will not be allowed to enter Canada without status document.

If you come from visa exempt country such as Italy, Bermuda, Australia, Germany and other visa exempt countries you would need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The government of Canada has introduced this program to screen travellers prior to entering into Canada as a visitor. The screening process came into place to avoid delays at the airport with anyone that may have inadmissibility issues to Canada. Before travellers from visa exempt countries were able to travel without having to obtain an eTA and would be screened at the airport or port of entry for any possible inadmissibility issues. The eTA helps save major line ups at the airport, delays, sending visitors back home due to having inadmissibility to Canada. In 2012-2013 approximately 8,000 applicants were deemed inadmissible to Canada. This resulted in a lot of visitors being angry as it caused delays and inconvenience for them for being sent back home after spending extensive amount of money for air fare and hotels. This is why eTA has been brought to forth to avoid these problems at the port of entry. Should an inadmissibility show and you were refused the eTA then you would have to apply for Temporary Resident Permit or ARC application depending on your situation.

If you need assistance with obtaining your Visitor Visa to Canada or need help with applying for an eTA then contact us today and will be glad to assist.

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