• Canadian permanent residence

    July 10, 2013

    Akrami and Associates Immigration Law Firm

    Welcome to Akrami and Associates. We are here to help you with your immigration needs. If you are undecided about what to do with your immigration situation, call to arrange a telephone consultation or in-person meeting with one of our team of immigration professionals. We will review the [...]

  • May 2, 2011


    Matter: Temporary Resident Permit The client had married his wife abroad and had made multiple unsuccessful attempts at acquiring a temporary resident visa for her to allow her to visit Canada. They had submitted a spousal sponsorship already but processing times were taking forever and they hadn’t seen [...]

  • July 6, 2013

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  • July 6, 2013


    Akrami & Associates has helped thousands of people immigrate to Canada over the years. Here are some of their stories and situations. Permanent Resident Seeks Reunification with Family Abroad [widgetkit id=58] Bridging Work Permit Kept Client Working in Canada [widgetkit id=59] Successful Labour Market Opinion helps Foreign Worker Obtain [...]

  • July 6, 2013

    Why Akrami and Associates?

    Your Advantage: Akrami & Associates At Akrami and Associates, it is our philosophical approach that sets us apart from other immigration services. We believe that everybody that has a valid reason or desire to immigrate to Canada should have the chance to do so. We are passionate about [...]