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Wondering whether or not you are considered inadmissible to Canada? Watch our video and find out why you might be considered inadmissible to Canada and how you could overcome your inadmissibility.

Reasons for Inadmissibility to Canada

There are five you can be consider inadmissible to Canada, the first way is under Security Grounds meaning an officer has reasonable grounds to believe you are engaging or will engage or have engaged in act that will breach security. So if the immigration officer believes you will a security risk to the citizens of Canada then you can be considered inadmissible and denied entry to Canada.

The second reason for entry refusal is due to Criminal Grounds which is convictions outside of Canada may be equivalent to an offence in Canada and may subject to an inadmissibility. Common inadmissibility's include DUI, DWI, Impaired Driving, Felony or Misdemeanor offences these offences are equated to Canadian Law and judged based on the Canadian Criminal Code of Canada. For example, if you committed an offence outside of Canada the officer checks to see if it falls under the Canadian Criminal Code, if the offence fall under the Canadian Criminal Code then you are considered inadmissible. If the offence committed outside of Canada and the offence does not fall under the Canadian Criminal Code then you are not considered inadmissible meaning you can travel with ease to Canada without obtaining a document to overcome your inadmissibility.

The third reason includes Health Grounds, there is a list of health inadmissibility's on Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website which determines whether you are considered inadmissible or not. Also, not all health inadmissibility's fall under permanent or temporary application so it all depends what application you are filing for and your health inadmissibility to determine if you are considered inadmissible to Canada. For example if you are submitting a Super Visa application you would have to go through the medical examination but a Visitor Visa does not require one unless requested by the immigration officer.

The fourth reason you can be Denied Entry to Canada is if you don't meet the Financial Requirements. Meaning you have to have sufficient funds for your time in Canada. For example some applications require LICO requirements such as a Super Visa in which the inviter or the sponsor has to meet the Low Income Cut Off to be eligible to apply while some applications such as a Visitor Visa don't require to meet the LICO requirements but have to show about $10,000 depending on their time of stay in Canada to demonstrate they are able to support themselves while in Canada.

The last reason you may be considered inadmissible to Canada is due to misrepresentation this can be through providing false documents such school certificates, police clearances, birth or marriage certificate or passports, withholding information, lying to an immigration officer during an interview. Individuals that have misrepresented themselves either through interview or documents submitted to CIC will be forbidden to enter Canada for at least five years. They will also have a permanent record of fraud with CIC, have your permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship taken away from you and be removed from Canada.

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