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Canadian Citizenship Test

Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian Citizenship Test is the last step for anyone applying for Citizenship in Canada. It will happen before the Ceremony. You will need to prepare for this test in advance to ensure that you have the highest chance for success.

You must take the test if:

  • You are between the ages of 18 and 54; and

  • You meet the basic requirements for Citizenship

The Test

The test essentially touches on your knowledge of Canada and is usually written. You may be called before a Citizenship Judge who will make a determination during your interview. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will also take this opportunity to test your ability to speak English or French.

During the written exam and the interview, we will ask you questions about:

  • the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of Canadian citizens,
  • Canada's democracy and ways to take part in Canadian society,
  • Canadian political and military history (including the political system, monarchy and branches of government),
  • Canadian social and cultural history and symbols, and
  • Canadian physical and political geography.

Preparing for the Test

An excellent way to prepare for your Citizenship test would be to utilize Citizenship and Immigration Canada's study guide, "Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibility of Citizenship." The test will rely heavily on information that can be found in this study guide. You may also want to take advantage of third party Citizenship Test Preparation Providers.

Taking the Test

The test may be written or oral. However, it is typically a written exam. Citizenship and Immigration Canada may determine that you face a language barrier and therefore your test may be administered orally in front of a Citizenship judge.

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