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Canadian Experience Class Medical Requirements

Canadian Experience Class Medical Requirements

Like most Permanent Residence Applications, you may be required to undergo a medical exam in order to finalize your Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Application. You can either do this upfront, in advance or wait for it to be request of you by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You and any accompanying family members, if applicable, will need to undergo this medical examination. The reason for this is to determine your ‘medical admissibility’ to Canada. You will not be successful in your application via the Canadian Experience Class if you are found to be inadmissible for any reason.

You can be found inadmissible for a number of reasons. This is not only when it comes to medical issues, this is also considered if you have any previous inadmissibility or have previously overstayed in Canada or any other country illegally. Any burden you may pose to Canadian society is considered.

CEC Up Front Medical Exam

In terms of Medical Requirements, you may choose to do what is known as an “’up front medical exam’ or wait for it to be requested of you by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. When it comes to permanent matters like the Canadian Experience Class, you do not want to waste any time as processing times are long enough.

If you decide to do an upfront medical exam, you avoid any delays requesting this of you may take on your application and therefore have completed it in advance.

If you do not complete it in advance, and it is requested of you, the time it takes for you to receive this request comply, and have the results submitted on your behalf will cause a delay.

CEC Panel Physician

In order to complete an upfront medical exam for the Canadian Experience Class, you will need to get in touch with a Panel Physician. Panel Physicians are the only Physicians that are able to perform these types of exams. Not just any doctors will do. This means that your family doctor, for example, will not suffice.

You will need to find a Panel Physician in your local area and schedule an appointment. Sometimes, Panel Physicians may not be in your home country. If this is the case, you will need to make arrangements with Citizenship and Immigration Canada in order to schedule a Panel Physician to come to your area.

Once you have had your exam preformed, the Panel Physician that administered your test will send the results to Citizenship and Immigration Canada directly where it will be attached to your Canadian Experience Class application. You will not receive the results, only the Panel Physician and the Immigration Officer making a decision on your matter will see the results. You will, however, be provided a receipt that you should include with your application.

This will demonstrate to the officer that you have completed the upfront medical exam as well as provide them with the information they will need to attach your results to your file once it has been received by their offices.

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