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Federal Skilled Worker Adaptability

Adaptability is one of the various selection factors that you will need to demonstrate when applying for Permanent Residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Stream. Adaptability, by definition, means one’s ability to change, or be changed, to fit changed circumstances.

For the purposes of immigration, adaptability is your (the applicant’s) ability to adjust to life and prosper in Canada. Moving to and starting a new life in another country can be a difficult endeavour especially when there may be language, financial or social constraints or difference from your home country.

When an immigration officer assesses your application, they want to be sure that you have a high chance to succeed in Canada and not necessarily that you simply meet the minimum educational or work experience.

When an officer assesses your adaptability, they will look at several factors that you should do your best to demonstrate in your application where applicable:

  • The credentials or education of your accompanying spouse or common-law partner
  • Any previous study in Canada
  • Any previous work in Canada
  • Any relatives in Canada
  • Arranged Employment

An officer will consider your spouse or common-law partners credentials for the reason of determining whether or not they will be able to contribute financially to the household and therefore economically to Canada. If your spouse or common law partner has employable skills, experience or a strong educational background; it stands to reason that they will assist the household in adapting to life in Canada. You should provide proof of this in the form of transcripts, employment reference letters or copies of any credentials they may have obtained.

Having previous work or study in Canada denotes that you have already experience an instance of life in Canada and therefore understand how Canada operates both socially and economically. Providing a copy of your previous Canadian immigration document may help satisfy an officer that you will be able to adapt to life permanently in Canada based on your successes in the past.

Having relatives in Canada and therefore familial support definitely helps demonstrate to an officer that you will have a better chance of adapting to life in Canada. With relatives in the country, it is reasonable to assume that they may be counted on to help you better adjust. Providing original statements from your family members and proof of their permanent status in Canada will help you prove to an officer that you have additional support in Canada which may not be available to others.


Finally, if you have already obtained a valid, permanent and full time job offer in Canada, providing proof of this in the form of a contract or employment offer letter will certainly help demonstrate to an officer that you have what it takes to succeed in Canada. 

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