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Study Permit – Importance of Acceptance Letter

Study Permit – Importance of Acceptance Letter

Study Permit – Importance of Acceptance Letter

If you wish to study in Canada, there are a few documents that you must provide in order for your application to be successful. Some of these documents include,

  • Proof of your acceptance to an educational institution
  • Proof of your identity
  • Proof that you will be able to support yourself during your studies
  • A letter of explanation, if applicable

One of the most important documents on this list is the acceptance letter from the educational institution you will be attending.

Before asking for a formal letter of acceptance, you must determine if the school you seek to attend is a designated learning institution. If you are attending primary or secondary school, there is no need to check as all of them are automatically designated. However, if it is post-secondary you wish to attend, you will need to determine if it is a designated learning institution.

On the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, you will find a standardized acceptance letter that must be filled out by the educational institution you will be attending. Correctly completing the acceptance letter will ease the initial processing as well as future extensions of your study permit.

It is important to keep in mind that the letter of acceptance should include the institution’s,

  • letterhead
  • full mailing address
  • telephone number
  • fax number
  • email address
  • website

The institution will be responsible for filling out,

  • your personal information
  • the nature of your program
  • your level of study
  • what the tuition fees will be like
  • whether you will receive any financial assistance
  • how long your program is
  • the valid length of the acceptance letter

It is a crucial to remind, once again, that an acceptance letter is crucial to the success of your application and should be handled with care.

At Akrami & Associates, we understand that the process can be overwhelming. This is why, with the aid of our legal representatives, we will be with you every step of the way. Call today and find out how we can help.

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