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When Must I Submit The Supporting Documents?

It all depends on which status you are applying for, because the application processes are different for each one. So the time that you need to submit your supporting documents may vary depending on your application. Before submitting your application, do your research and speak with a professional to help you determine, what type of documents you need to submit with your application.

Where can my application for a Canada immigration visa be submitted?

This all depends upon the Canadian immigration category, under which you are applying for.

Under the federal skilled worker category of Canadian immigration, your application should be submitted to the centralized intake office (CIO) in order for it to be considered.

Under the family sponsorship category of the Canadian immigration, all of your supporting documents including your police clearance certificate, and proof that a medical examination has been undergone by the sponsored persons, should be submitted with the original application.

Do I have to submit my passport with my application for a temporary resident visa?

Yes you will have to submit your visa with your passport with this application, but be sure to contact the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) office to which you apply, because they may have certain restrictions on where to submit your passport and how to obtain your visa.

Can I send in new document after I have submitted my application?

No, you cannot send in any new documents after you have submitted your application, you may be asked by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to submit more documents, which are required to process your application. But this only applies if they request for you to do so.

If you want to provide more information, you can do so by using the “add letter of explanation” row when you are uploading your documents.

What if my relationship status has changed, or perhaps I have children while my application is in process or after I have been issued my Canada immigration visa?

You must always inform the Canadian immigration office on any updated information pertaining to your family status, while your application is being processed. If there have been any changes to your relationship status, you must add your spouse to the application the same thing apply if you have a child, you add that child as a dependent on your application for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) visa. The reason for this is that they can accompany you to Canada. If your family status changes after your visa has been issued to you, you must advise the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to add a spouse or a child to your application, provided that you have not yet landed in Canada.

What does it mean by the lock- in date?

A lock –in date is the date in which the Canadian immigration visa office receives your completed application forms and you have made appropriate payments for the processing fees. “The federal court of Canada has determine that the lock-in date should be the date on which certain selection factors must be assessed”.

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