Move to Canada with Provincial Nominee Program

Obtaining permanent residence in Canada is a difficult and time consuming task. The applicants need to undergo a long process to get the permanent residency in Canada. There are many programs through which an outsider can get permanent residence in Canada and he can thereafter live and work in Canada.

What is This Category and Who Comes Under This Category?

Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration program offered in different provinces and territories of Canada and based up on the applicant’s credentials, the province or the territory can nominate the applicant for the permanent residency in Canada. There are total 11 provinces and territories that offer the province nominee program in Canada and these are the programs that are ideal for many people who want to immigrate to Canada and who want to obtain a permanent residency in Canada.

While most of the provincial nominee programs are similar they are not identical because the categories and requirements vary from one province to another. While the requirements for the province nominee program differs from one province to another, most of the time the applicant need some tie to the province and a certain amount of work experience and a certain amount of qualifications in education.

Details on the Types of Provincial Nominee Program Streams:

As we mentioned above that different province nominee program will have different streams and categories, we will see some details on the many streams and types included in Province nominee programs. For example, the provincial nominee program in Saskatchewan has many numbers of categories, indeed the highest number and the categories include the following:

  • Skilled Workers
  • Long Haul Truck Drivers
  • Health Professionals
  • Students Farmers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Science and Technology
  • Large Scale Investors
  • Hospitality Sector Project and
  • Family Members.

And in contrast the provincial nominee program of Yukon has only two stream types which are:

  • Business program including entrepreneurs and professionally self employed people
  • Skilled workers program

Many of the provinces offer a six stream province nominee program. For example the province nominee program of the Nova Scotia has the following six common categories:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Family Business Worker
  • Community Identified
  • International Graduate
  • Non-dependent Children of Nominees
  • The Agriculture and food Sector Stream.

Requirements for immigrants to immigrate to Canada under the provincial nominee program:

For almost all province nominee programs in providing provinces and territories, the applicant need to possess some types of skills in work, experience in work, educational levels and required language proficiency which is mostly in English or French for the field. The applicant may also need to have some types of ties with the province or the territory to which he is applying the immigration. The ties are the following below:

  • Family living in the province
  • Work experience in the province
  • Having visited the province

For example Provincial Nominee program of Alberta has many different categories in it which are the following:

  • an Employer Drive Stream
  • International Graduate Category
  • a Semi-Skilled Worker Category
  • Family Stream and
  • a Self-Employed Farmer Stream

With the many number of categories the province provides many different opportunities for the applicant to choose a stream which suits him the best.

Provincial Nominee program of The Manitoba is a significant contributor to the highest levels of immigrants under the following categories:

  • Business Immigration Stream
  • a Young Farmer Nominee Program
  • a Family Support Stream
  • an International Student Strategic Initiative and
  • An Employer Direct Stream.

Provincial Nominee Program of The Ontario also provides many different streams like the following:

  • Foreign Worker Stream
  • an Investor stream and
  • an International Student Stream,

the province nominee program in this province placed many requirements on the employers which depends on the area in Ontario the employers operating in.

How can our company help you with the applications under this category?

Do you want to immigrate to Canada under the province nominee category? Then let us help you because we have proper experience in assisting clients under the PNP categories and we can help you select the option which fits your situation.

Do you want to become a permanent Canadian resident then you should go through the province nominee program details in this page and should contact us so that you can perfectly and properly choose the stream and province that suits you and can get you qualified.

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