Ontario set to increase economic immigrants to meet growing labor demand

Ontario has inked an agreement with the Canadian federal government to tackle the province’s critical labour shortage by doubling the number of economic immigrants. Under the deal, more than 18,000 spots will be made available to economic immigrants in 2025, up from the current number of 9,000 people who are allowed to enter under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

The agreement was announced by federal and provincial immigration ministers on Saturday (March 18, 2023). Monte McNaughton, Ontario’s Labour and Immigration Minister, had called for an increase in the number of economic immigrants in 2021.

Ontario will go from accepting 9,750 immigrants in 2022 to welcoming 16,500 in 2023, more than 17,000 in 2024, and over 18,000 in 2025 under the new agreement. The move is expected to help the province address the acute labour market shortages in industries such as skilled trades, technology, and healthcare, where nearly 300,000 jobs are currently vacant.

Federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser lauded the agreement, stating that the provincial nominee program’s increasing growth would support the long-term well-being of communities in Ontario. “As we remain focused on addressing the acute labour market shortages and building a strong economy into the future, one thing remains certain: immigration is a key part of the solution,” Fraser said in a statement.

McNaughton expressed gratitude to the federal government for its commitment to addressing Ontario’s labour shortage. “On behalf of Premier Ford and the people of Ontario, I want to thank Minister Fraser and the federal government for their commitment to meet us at the table and land this historic immigration increase,” he said.

Understanding Ontario’s PNP

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a program that allows the government of Ontario to nominate individuals for permanent residency in Canada. The program is designed to meet the specific economic needs of the province by attracting and retaining highly skilled workers, international students, and entrepreneurs. The program operates in conjunction with the federal government’s immigration policies and is a key component of Ontario’s immigration strategy.

The Ontario PNP has several different streams, each designed to target specific categories of immigrants. The streams include the Human Capital Priorities Stream, the French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream, the Entrepreneur Stream, and the International Student Stream. Each stream has its own eligibility requirements and application process, and applicants are encouraged to carefully review the requirements before applying.

The Human Capital Priorities Stream is designed for highly skilled workers who have work experience in one of the province’s targeted occupations, such as information technology, finance, or health care. Applicants must meet specific language and education requirements, and must also receive a nomination from the province before they can apply for permanent residency.

The French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream is intended for French-speaking individuals who have work experience in a skilled occupation and who are proficient in English as well. The stream is intended to support the province’s Francophone community and increase the use of French in the workplace.

The Entrepreneur Stream is designed for individuals who want to start or buy a business in Ontario. Applicants must meet specific net worth and investment requirements, and must also have experience running a business or managing a senior-level team.

The International Student Stream is tailored for individuals who are international students and have successfully completed their studies at a post-secondary institution in Ontario. Furthermore, they must possess a job offer in a skilled occupation. The primary goal of this stream is to motivate international students to remain in the province following their graduation and aid in enhancing the local economy.

Overall, the Ontario PNP is a key component of the province’s immigration strategy, designed to attract and retain highly skilled workers, international students, and entrepreneurs who can contribute to the local economy. The program offers several different streams, each designed to meet the specific needs of different categories of immigrants. Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the eligibility requirements for each stream before applying, to ensure that they meet the criteria and have the best chance of success.

Learn more about FAQs for the Ontario Provincial Nomination Program (PNP):


Are you looking to immigrate to Ontario and take advantage of the province’s expanding economic opportunities? Our team of experienced immigration lawyers can help guide you through the complex process of applying for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program and ensure that you have the best chance of success. With the program set to double the number of economic immigrants accepted, now is the perfect time to start your immigration journey.

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