Passport Requirements Coming Into Canada

So you want to travel to Canada, what documents do you need?

In addition to the applications made for you to enter Canada (ex. If you needed one as a visitor), you must also have a valid passport. A passport is a piece of identification that is mandatory to enter foreign countries. It will establish your country of origin, your name, what you look like, and some of the other places you have visited.

Depending upon which country you enter, there will be a minimum amount of time your passport needs to be valid for in order to enter a country. For example, a standard validity time is six months; therefore your passport must have an expiry date of six months or more in order to enter a foreign country.

There are some exceptions if you are travelling from the United States. For land travel from United States to Canada, there are other identifications that were established to help people who often travel cross the border more quickly. Some of these include,

  • Enhanced Driver’s License
  • Nexus Card

Some general information about the passport is that it is vital that all travellers carry a passport with them to identify themselves and reduce the risk of fraud. If you have lost your passport while travelling in Canada, you can contact your embassy to determine what is needed to have it replaced. Regardless of entering or exiting, a passport will be required to continue your travels. Like any other country, this is no different for Canada.

If you are travelling to Canada and you require assistance of any kind, whether it is to help you determine and gather all the documentation necessary, assisting you with the forms you may need to complete, or with information regarding your passport, at Akrami & Associates, one of our legal professionals is always ready to help you. Call today and book a consultation.

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