Expired PR Card and Outside of Canada Video

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Do you have an expired PR card and are outside of Canada? If so, you may qualify for a PR card renewal with Humanitarian and Compassionate Arguments. Watch our video to find out what is and how you can meet the requirements to renew your Permanent Resident Card with H&C argument.

Expired PR Card and Outside of Canada

Are you currently outside of Canada with an Expired PR Card? You may need to apply for a PR Card Renewal with H&C arguments. This is an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada explaining to them why you left Canada. It is not a straightforward PR Card Renewal, where you just meet the 730 days out of the 5 years and file the application. Rather, this is an application where we would need to make some H&C arguments: where you stayed, why you left Canada, what were the reasons for not meeting residency requirements, and proof of how you would meet it now.

There are essentially 2 ways that you can lose your PR card. The first is if you revoke your PR card voluntarily, and the second is if you get a letter from CIC that your PR card has been revoked. Just by having your PR Card Expired does not mean that you are out of status as a PR card holder. It is best to see the PR card as a travel document; this is a card that allows you to travel into and outside of the country. Without this card, if you are in Dubai or Pakistan or other countries that are not visa exempt, you will simply not be able to hop on a plane. In order for you to do so and come to the borders of Canada, you will need a valid PR card.

If you are looking at filing a PR Card Renewal with H&C applications, give us a call and we can assess your situation and help you move forward.

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