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When it comes to maintaining your Permanent Residence status in Canada you need to meet the residency requirement by being physically present for 730 days in the last five years. If you Permanent Resident Card has expired while you were outside of Canada you can facilitate your return by obtaining a travel document. If you fail to meet the residency requirement you need to file for Humanitarian and Compassionate application. Watch our video and find out how!!

PR Card Expired

Looking at applying for a permanent residency card? Having a PR card that is expired does not necessarily mean that your status as a permanent resident is expired as well. PR Renewals are for individuals who have met their residency obligation of 730 days in the last five years (two years out of the five), current processing times are about six months.

If you are outside of Canada and your PR Card has expired you can apply for a Travel Document to be able to return to Canada. If you do not meet your residency obligations then unfortunately you have to get permission from government of Canada to re-enter by applying for PR Card Renewal with Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations. These applications are not easily approved, so it is recommended to come back on time and meet your residency obligations.

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