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When filing a PR Card Renewal inside or outside of Canada you have to make sure you meet the basic requirements. Watch PR Card Renewal video to learn about its requirements. 

PR Card Renewal Steps

When planning to file PR Card Renewal, you have to make sure that you meet the basic requirements. For starter you have to be in Canada residing 2 years out of the 5 years and you have to demonstrate that the 730 days of the 5 years have been met along with providing the supporting documentation. Perhaps you can show 2 years of residing at the same property by providing bill payments etc.

Now PR card renewal application is relatively straight forward, the list of documents that citizenship and immigration Canada asks for really will guide you through the right steps of the filing the PR Card Renewal. Please see website for what documents you need to include when renewing your PR card.

Many times clients notice that their PR card has expired when they have an urgent travel date or they are outside of the Canada and face problems entering back into Canada due to their PR Card has expired. If you have an urgent travel date make sure you include a detail itinerary to show the immigration officer that you have a booked flight and therefore need urgent processing for your PR Card Renewal.

Once you have submitted your PR Card Renewal application you have to ensure you have all documents included with your application, to avoid delays for incomplete application. The immigration officer will review the application and see if your case is strong enough to grant the urgent expedition of PR Card.

If the application grant is refused to expedite the application then it will be processed under the regular time line which is about 3 to 4 months.

If you have an urgent travel date or stuck outside of Canada with an Expired PR Card, then call us today to assist you with your PR Card Renewal or the options available to you to enter successfully into Canada.

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