Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program SINP Who Can Apply

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SINP Who Can Apply

When considering the SINP, knowing who in your family might make the strongest case will determine who the principle applicant might be. The principle applicant is who the application will be based on. Each person on the application will have a role to play with requirements to meet.

Principal Applicant – A family member who is not living in Canada and wants to come to Saskatchewan to live and work. The principal applicant (you or your spouse) is the person who has a better chance of meeting the nomination criteria for the SINP Family Referral Category.

Supporting Household in Saskatchewan – Supporting households are the relatives of the principal applicant. The supporting household consists of:

  • the supporting family member
  • their spouse
  • their dependants
  • and any additional family members or friends residing at the same address.

The supporting family member, their spouse and dependents must be living in Saskatchewan for at least the past year and be self-supporting. They must be willing to give settlement support, including financial support, to the principal applicant. All members of the supporting household must maintain their Saskatchewan residency throughout the SINP and CIC application processes. Both the applicant and the family members of the supporting household must intend to remain in Saskatchewan. The SINP will assess whether both the applicant's and supporting household's intentions are to live, work and remain in Saskatchewan.

Who Can Apply Under the SINP Family Referral Category?

If you have Family Members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in Saskatchewan you may qualify. They will have to have been there for at least one year and includes:

• parents

• daughters/sons

• sisters/brothers

• aunts/uncles

• nieces/nephews

• first cousins

• grandchildren

• grandparents

• step-family members / in-laws of the same relationship

Note, spouses and/or common law partners cannot qualify under this program. Though they meet the definition of a member of the family, that definition does not apply to this application type. Spouses and common law partners who seek sponsorship will have to go through the channel of applying as a member of the family class/spousal/common law sponsorship.

Akrami & Associates has had much experience in not only processing provincial nominations successfully, but the subsequent permanent resident application that follows. If you seek to be reunited with your family and think the provincial nomination program is for you, contact us so that we can assess the merits of your situation. One of our skilled consultants would be happy to go over your options with you in depth.

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