Temporary Resident Permits TRP Government Fees Video

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Need to apply for your Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)? Not sure how to submit or provide proper payment? Don't have your application returned, watch our video and find out how to properly submit your application and whether you need to pay government fees for your TRP application! 

Temporary Resident Permits TRP Government Fees

Do you have past criminal record and need to travel to Canada for business or leisure? If so, you need to apply for Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation depending on your situation to overcome your situation for temporary or permanent basis. If it is your first time applying for TRP or Criminal Rehabilitation then you do not  to include the $200 government fee. Ensure to state this in your cover letter that this is your first time applying for TRP or Criminal Rehabilitation and therefore you have not included the  $200 government fee.

To save yourself time and hassle as some immigration officer may return your application for not including the government fee and not realizing this is your first time applying. To be on the save side include the government fee and ask for a refund as this is your first time. The government fee is addressed to Receiver General of Canada in the amount of $200, the fees may increase so double check the government website for latest updates.

If you have a past criminal or medical inadmissibility then contact Akrami & Associates today for higher chance of entry into Canada.

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