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If you secured a Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment and now looking into filing for a Work Permit application there are three important documents you need to include with your application. Watch our video and find out what three important documents you need to include to be successful in obtaining your Canadian Work Permit.

Obtaining a Canadian Work Permit

When securing a Positive LMIA the next step would be submitting a Work Permit application. When submitting the Work Permit application, there are three main documents that the immigration officer will be looking for. One of these documents would be a copy of the Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment included in your application. When submitting the copy of the Positive LMIA you have to ensure you include all the pages that were provided to your employer and just not the front cover page that says approved. There are about 3 to 4 pages depending on the officer that had reviewed the file, so make sure you include them all.

The second important document that the officer will be looking for is that as the foreign worker you have to demonstrate you qualify for the position. This can be done by looking at the posting that was posted and the Positive LMIA that was received as a result of it.

The third important document you must include is the signed contract or employee offer letter by the employer to you. Include the copy with the application and ensure that it is signed by both parties.

The above mentioned documents are not the only documents to include with your Work Permit application but they are essential documents you must include.

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