Understanding the relevant experience requirement for Self-Employed Immigration

In the realm of immigration, the criteria for eligibility can be intricate and multifaceted. For those aspiring to move to Canada as self-employed individuals, understanding the relevant experience requirement is crucial. This requirement is especially pertinent for individuals who have taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level, or who have been self-employed in these domains. In this blog post, we delve into the nuances of the relevant experience requirement for self-employed immigration to Canada.

Defining Relevant Experience

The first question that arises is, “What constitutes relevant experience?” In the context of self-employed immigration, your experience is considered relevant if it falls into one of two categories:

  • World-Class Level Participation: You have actively participated in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level.
  • Self-Employment: You have been a self-employed person in the fields of cultural activities or athletics.

Minimum Duration of Experience

To qualify for self-employed immigration, you must have a minimum of two years of relevant experience. This experience should be acquired during the period beginning five years before the day you submit your application and ending on the day the immigration authorities make a decision regarding your application.

It’s important to note that while two years of experience are the minimum requirement, having three, four, or five years of experience can earn you additional points in the immigration process. This emphasizes the significance of acquiring more experience in your chosen field.


Understanding the Significance

The significance of the relevant experience requirement cannot be overstated. It serves as a crucial benchmark to ensure that self-employed immigrants bring valuable skills and expertise to Canada’s cultural and athletic communities. By requiring a minimum of two years of experience, the Canadian immigration system aims to attract individuals who have already demonstrated their commitment and excellence in their chosen fields

Akrami & Associates can assist you in navigating the complex Canadian immigration system, ensuring that you meet the relevant experience requirement. Our team of immigration experts has extensive knowledge of the process and can provide guidance on how to document and present your qualifications effectively.

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Gaining an Edge with Additional Experience

While meeting the minimum requirements is essential, aspiring immigrants should aim for more extensive experience whenever possible. Acquiring three, four, or five years of relevant experience not only enhances your eligibility but also increases your chances of success in the immigration process. Moreover, it demonstrates your dedication and sustained contribution to your field, making you an even more attractive candidate for self-employment in Canada.


Preparing for the Immigration Journey

To successfully navigate the immigration journey as a self-employed individual, meticulous planning is essential. This includes not only meeting the relevant experience requirements but also preparing a comprehensive application that showcases your skills, qualifications, and commitment. Seek professional guidance if needed, as the immigration process can be intricate, and an expert’s assistance can significantly improve your chances of a successful application. If you find the immigration process intricate or challenging, don’t hesitate to enlist the expertise of Akrami & Associates. Our professional guidance can be invaluable, significantly improving your chances of a successful application.

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Meeting the Program’s Selection Criteria and Eligibility

Applicants must meet specific selection criteria outlined by the immigration program they are applying for, which can vary depending on factors such as language proficiency, age, education, and adaptability. It is crucial to thoroughly review and understand the selected immigration program’s requirements to ensure compliance.


To be eligible for the Self-Employed Person Program, you must meet the following primary requirements:

  • Intention and Capability: You must have the intention and capability to engage in self-employment in Canada.
  • Medical Tests and Certificates: You (and your family members) are required to undergo medical tests and provide police certificates for countries where you have lived for more than 6 consecutive months after reaching the age of 18.
  • Relevant Experience: You must possess relevant experience within the five years preceding your application date and continuing until a decision is made on your application. This experience can be in either cultural or athletic activities and must meet one of the following criteria:
    • At least two years of self-employment (which can consist of two separate periods of one consecutive year each), or
    • At least two years of participation in international activities (which can consist of two separate periods of one consecutive year each), or
    • At least a combination of one year of self-employment (as defined in 1.) and one year of participation in international activities (as defined in 2.).
  • Selection Criteria: You must meet the selection criteria for self-employed individuals, which involves obtaining a minimum of 35 points out of 100. Please refer to the points allocation below to determine the required points.


Meeting Medical, Security, and Other Conditions

Immigration to Canada also requires meeting certain medical and security conditions. Applicants must undergo medical examinations to ensure they do not pose a public health risk and undergo background checks to confirm their admissibility from a security perspective. Other conditions may apply depending on the individual circumstances of the applicant and the specific immigration program.

In conclusion, self-employed immigration to Canada offers a promising pathway for individuals with relevant experience and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Meeting the eligibility requirements is the first step toward realizing this opportunity. Aspiring self-employed immigrants must possess the necessary experience, demonstrate the willingness and ability to be self-employed, fulfill the program’s selection criteria, and meet medical, security, and other conditions. By adhering to these requirements, individuals can set themselves on the path to building a prosperous and fulfilling future in Canada, contributing to the nation’s cultural and economic tapestry.


Our experienced team At Akrami & Associates can help you:

  • Assess Eligibility: We will assess your qualifications and experience to determine your eligibility for self-employed immigration, ensuring that you meet the minimum requirements and can potentially earn additional points for your experience.
  • Application Preparation: We will assist you in preparing a comprehensive and accurate application, ensuring that all required documentation is in order and submitted on time.
  • Point Optimization: Akrami & Associates will work with you to optimize your points under the selection criteria, helping you present the strongest possible case to immigration authorities.
  • Guidance and Support: Throughout the application process, our team will provide guidance and support, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

By choosing Akrami & Associates as your immigration partner, you can enhance your chances of a successful self-employed immigration application while minimizing stress and ensuring compliance with all requirements.

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