Canadian Spousal Sponsorship what you need to know

Sponsoring Spouse to Canada

Congratulations! Have you recently made one of the greatest decisions of your life to get married? Is your loved one far away from you living in a different country? Marriage is about building a life together and enjoying the everyday moments with your significant other. Face time calls and texting can only last so long. It is time to bring your loved one home and begin your life together as a family in this beautiful country, Canada.

To those who are not legally married yet, there is also a way. Canadian spousal sponsorship covers three types of relationships – married, common-law and conjugal. There are many similarities and differences between these applications. Same-sex spouses and partners are also covered under the same Canadian spousal sponsorship rules. We are here to work with you through your specific circumstances to ensure you are on the right path to returning with your loved one.

Can you sponsor your loved one?

In order to be a sponsor, you must be at least 18 years old. You must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act. Further, you must not be receiving social assistance for reasons other than a disability and are able to provide for the basic needs of your spouse. Additionally, there are many conditions under which an individual may not be eligible to sponsor their spouse. We are here to help you confirm your eligibility and ensure a smooth sponsorship process.

Can your loved one be sponsored?

The individual who you are sponsoring must be 18 years old and must not be inadmissible to Canada.

Does your relationship qualify?

One of the main elements of the spousal sponsorship category is that the relationship must be genuine. It must be honest and true. You and your loved one must be in a committed relationship with evident proof. There are many ways to prove this and there are specific requirements depending on the category under which your relationship falls.

For married couples

You must be legally married and have a legal marriage certificate. For immigration purposes the marriage is legally recognized, where the marriage is performed in Canada or performed outside Canada and the marriage is legally recognized in the country where it took place and in Canada.

For common-law partners

You must have been living or have lived with your partner anywhere in the world for at least 12 consecutive months in a marriage-like relationship.

For conjugal partners

Your partner must be living outside Canada, you have been in a relationship for at least one year and you could not live together as a couple because of reasons beyond your control such as, immigration barrier, religious reasons or sexual orientation.

Proof of relationship

Proving the genuineness of your relationship is the most important factor in the spousal sponsorship applications. You can get very creative and candid in proving the relationship. Some basic legal documents to include are; marriage certificate, joint financial documents, joint bank accounts, co-ownership of property etc. Apart from these you can also provide photos from trips you have taken together, photos of your wedding ceremony, emails, phone/text records, letters from friends and family showing support of the relationship etc. Depending on the type of relationship there are specific required documents that must be included. We can work with you in preparing a strong application with all the necessary documents to prove that your relationship is genuine.

Is your loved one outside Canada?

You will need to apply under the Family Class category and the application is processed outside of Canada. While the application is being processed, your loved one can visit you in Canada if they apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). However, they will not be able to work during their stay and must return to their home country until their spousal application is processed and approved.

Is your loved one inside Canada?

You will need to apply under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class category and the application is processed inside Canada. Your loved one must hold valid immigration status in Canada that is they hold a valid Temporary Resident Visa, Study Visa or Work Permit. Under this category your loved one is eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit, if they qualify, so that they can work while the spousal sponsorship application is being processed.

From Permanent Resident to Canadian Citizen

Becoming a Permanent Resident does not automatically qualify you for Canadian citizenship even if your loved one is a Canadian citizen. Once you become a permanent resident we can guide you and assist you with your goal of finally becoming a Canadian Citizen.

We are in this together

Spousal Sponsorship applications require creativity and thorough candidness, at Akrami and Associates we are here to help! Our representatives are highly trained and experienced in preparing all types of Spousal Sponsorship applications. We work hard and strive to reunite loved ones.

If you have any questions or personal inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 416-477-2545 to book a consultation, we look forward to hearing your love story.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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