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Express Entry Invitation to Apply

For many people hoping to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada, it can feel like half the battle is receiving your ‘Invitation to Apply’ (ITA). The previous system was a ‘first-come-first serve’ application process, were all PR applicants had to do was meet the eligibility requirements for one of the categories (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal skilled Trades Program, Provincial Nominee Program), prepare their paper application, and submit it before the category cap had been reached. The introduction of Express Entry not only made the PR process an exclusively online one; it also introduced a ranking system that basically resulted in PR hopefuls competing against each other to be invited to apply for Permanent Residence. Meeting the basic requirements for your category is no longer enough to receive an ITA, you have to be the best of the best.

What is considered when Invitations to Apply are issued?

The invitations to apply are awarded on ‘Express Entry Draw’ dates, which typically occur every 2-3 weeks; although there is no set dates or times for the draws, 2016 has seen a slightly more predictable draw date pattern, with draws occurring on average every second Wednesday so far this year. On these dates Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announces the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) qualifying point score, as well as the number of invitations sent (i.e. if the CRS is 470, everyone with a point score of 470 or above in the express entry pool will receive an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence), the number of invited PR hopefuls is usually between 950-1500 per round.

Individuals (and their spouse if applicable) are scored out of 600 points, with an additional 600 points being awarded if the Principal Applicant has either a valid job offer (supported by a positive Labour Marketing Impact Assessment) or a Provincial Nomination.

What IRCC considers when determining point score using the Comprehensive Ranking System:

  • Age
  • Education level
  • Work experience abroad
  • Canadian work experience
  • Language abilities
  • Valid Job Offer
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Adaptability (i.e. relatives in Canada, transferability skills, etc.)

How can I make sure I get an ITA?

Having a strong profile is the first (and possibly most important) step in your PR application process, as without a strong profile and CRS point score, it is unlikely you will receive an Invitation to Apply for PR. Although it is possible to create an Express Entry Profile on your own, having the assistance of an Immigration Lawyer, Immigration Consultant, or Immigration Specialist can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing your point score, as well as your chances of receiving an ITA. Akrami & Associates can help you maximize your point score, as well as provide you with valuable guidance about how to work towards increasing your point score in the future.

I have received an ITA, now what?

If you have received an invitation to apply, you have 60 days from the date of the invitation to submit your Permanent Residence application. If you do not submit an application before the deadline or refuse the invitation, your application will be cancelled; you will then have to create a new profile and wait for a new ITA to be issued.

60 days may seem like a lot of time to complete and submit your application, but it is important not to delay the completion of your application, as some documentation can only be applied for after you have received the ITA, but can take up to 1 month to be processed and received.

Below is a list of documents that Akrami & Associates recommends have prepared well in advance, even if you have not yet received your ITA. Being as prepared as possible will not only save you the stress of trying to locate everything once you have a submission deadline, but will also save you from timely delays if you need to reapply for a missing document, or have to have letters drafted.

General checklist

  • Passport
  • Temporary permits such as work permits, study permits, etc. (if you have resided in Canada)
  • Educational documents such as degree or diploma originals, transcripts, credential evaluations for foreign education, etc.
  • Certificate of qualification (if applicable)
  • Official language score sheet (ensure it is not expiring during the processing period)
  • Proof of skilled work experience- appointment letters, contracts, pay stubs, T4 slips, notice of assessments, tax documents, certificates or awards, etc.
  • Police clearances from any countries you have lived in for 6 months or more since the age of 18- must be dated after you last left that country (do not complete for your current country of residence until after receiving your ITA)
  • Reference and experience letters from previous employers (must include all content as per the IRCC requirements)
  • Job Offer letter/ Contract- if applicable (must include all content as per the IRCC requirements)
  • LMIA approval- if applicable
  • Proof of relationship with your Canadian/PR relatives- if applicable

Please note that you should have the applicable documents prepared for both you, and any accompanying family members!

What do I need to do once I have an ITA?

  • Medical exam- this must be completed by a IRCC panel physician, and must be completed in your country of residence
  • Police clearance from current country of residence- if living in Canada, you are required to obtain an RCMP fingerprinting Police Clearance Certificate; if you are living abroad you must obtain a Police Clearance Certificate valid for the purpose of immigration

Does receiving an ITA mean my PR application is guaranteed to be approved?

Unfortunately, no. Although receiving an ITA is a positive sign that you qualify for Permanent Residence, you must still prove that you meet all of the requirements before your PR application can be approved. Ultimately, the decision is up to the Officer processing your application; therefore it is important to ensure that all the information provided on your application is correct, current, and supported by the necessary documentation. Including or withholding incorrect information, or the wrong documentation can lead to refusals, lost processing fees, misrepresentation charges (this could result in a 5 year ban), and months of time wasted. With IRCC having strict processing guidelines and procedures, you can give yourself the highest chances of approval by having your application prepared by a highly skilled team of immigration professionals like Akrami & Associates.

Contact Akrami and Associates

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With Akrami and Associates there is always a way!!

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