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Canadian Citizenship New Requirements

 Citizenship by Naturalization Process

Naturalization is the legal process that transforms a permanent resident into a Canadian Citizen. In order to be naturalized, the permanent resident must apply for citizenship. Permanent residents who wish to obtain Canadian citizenship must meet certain criteria. They must:

  • Be admitted to Canada as a Permanent Resident

  • Be at least 18 years old or be included with the application of a parent who is over 18 years old;

  • Make an application for citizenship

  • Pay fees;

  • Provide photos;

  • Have lived in Canada for at least FOUR years (1460 days) out of the six years prior to applying for citizenship

  • Be physically present in Canada for 183 days per year in the 4 year requirement and cannot count time toward PR as non Permanent resident.

  • Must prove that you intend to reside in Canada

  • Not be under a removal order or declared to be a threat to security or a member of an organized crime group

  • Show an adequate knowledge of English or French;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of a citizen and pass the citizenship test; and

  • Take the citizenship oath

Proof of Identity and Age

The applicant for citizenship must be 18 years of age or over and must provide proof of his identity and age by presenting two identity documents such as a passport and a driver’s license. They must establish age by filling a birth certificate or other evidence that shows the date and place of birth, and disclose any version of the name that has been used.

Application Form, Fees and Photos

The applicant must complete the approved Citizenship Application Form (CIT 0002), which must be post-dated. The forms include a guide on how to fill out the application. An applicant must pay the fees fixed and provide photos that conform to the size and other dimensions specified. Photos must be signed on the back by both the photographer and the applicant. The fees can be paid either online on the CIC website or at a financial institution in Canada.

Proof of residency

The applicant must meet three conditions of residency:

  1. Lawful admittance to Canada as a permanent resident.

  2. No loss of permanent residency: the applicant’s permanent residency must not be invalidated by a failure to maintain the connection with Canada or by an order to leave Canada.

  3. Residence in Canada: must prove residency in Canada for at least 04 years.


An applicant for citizenship must not be under a removal order. The applicant must also not be a declared threat to security or a member of an organized crime group. The applicant must disclose any ground of inadmissibility if applicable.

Language Test

The applicant for citizenship must demonstrate an adequate knowledge of one of Canada’s two official languages. Applicants between the ages of 14-64 are expected to be able to carry out simple everyday conversation in either English or French

Citizenship Test

Applicants are required to take a citizenship test measuring knowledge of national symbols of Canada and a general understanding of the political, social, geographical, other characteristics of Canada.

Citizenship Oath

When the applicant meets the basic requirements for citizenship and has passed both the language and citizenship tests, he/she receives a notice to appear to take the oath of citizenship. The oath is administered through a special ceremony.

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