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Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class

Can you still apply to qualify under the Canadian Experience Class if you have returned to your home country?

Yes you can! In order to do so there are still some things that will be required of you. First of all, you will have to make sure that your application is submitted to the Canadian Immigration Visa Office within a year of leaving Canada and your Canadian employment.

There are also other requirements such as: having gained a minimum of a year of full-time work experience in a NOC 0, A or B occupation in Canada. Full time work is classed as working 30 paid hours per week or more with a minimum total of 1560 hours.

It can also be the equivalent amount of part-time working hours as you would have for the full-time. If you choose to do it with part-time work that means it will be class as 15 hours paid per week for a total of two years. By doing this for two years it will also allow you to reach 1560 hours.

This experience must have been obtained within the last three years prior to you sending in your application.

What does Skilled Work mean?

In order for you to be considered when applying for the Canadian Experience Class you are required to have Canadian Skilled Work experience within three years of applying. Skilled work experience means:

  • NOC Skill level 0- Managerial jobs

  • NOC Skill type A- Professional jobs

  • NOC Skill type B- Technical jobs and skilled trades

What happens next?

Well, next will be you applying under the Express Entry system and completing a profile for yourself. By starting and completing your Express Entry profile, you have completed your first step in immigrating to Canada permanently as a skilled worker.

This however does not guarantee that you will get an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence, those are based on the score and rank that you have within the Express Entry Pool in which the Comprehensive Ranking System is used to calculate.

If you have left Canada and are curious about how you can still apply under the Canadian Experience class please contact our firm and we can get you started! We are always here to make the whole process easier on you. We have the ability to assist you with any part of the application as necessary and we are always more than happy to do so.

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