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Changes to Citizenship 2015

Changes to Citizenship 2015

Changes To Citizenship 

In 2014 a bill was passed known as Bill C-24 Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act. This bill was passed to amend the citizenship act. Amendments done under this bill are:

  • Establishing and clarifying the meaning of being a resident in Canada

  • Changing the period of residing in Canada in order to get citizenship

  • Making a faster process of citizenship for those serving or have served in Canadian Armed Forces

  • A person must have knowledge of Canada and one of the official languages to be eligible for citizenship

  • Changes to the age requirements for those that need to show language and Canadian knowledge for citizenship

  • Income tax requirements for applicants of Canadian citizenship

  • Citizenship for an adopted person—the adoption must have been according to international adoption law

  • Citizenship granted to certain individuals and their descendants who previously did not acquire citizenship under previous legislation

  • Citizenship granted to children born or adopted by parents who were born or adopted by crown servants

  • Increase in period during which a person is barred from applying for citizenship after being convicted of certain crimes

  • Increasing the maximum penalties for offences associated with citizenship

  • Citizenship consultants are to be regulated

  • Limiting the role of citizenship judges

  • Allowing for judicial review of any matter under this act

  • Minister has discretionary power to grant citizenship in special cases

  • Application has to be complete to be accepted for processing

  • Authorizing for regulations to be made under the act regarding disclosure of information

  • Revoking of citizenship for dual citizens who engaged in actions contrary to Canadian interests

These changes if haven’t already been implicated will start to be put into practice in June 2015.

For further information on the changes to citizenship please contact Akrami & Associates.

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