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Live in Caregiver Application

Live in Caregiver Application


An applicant looking to apply for live in caregiver program has to apply for a regular work permit after the employer has received a positive LMIA and a contract is signed between the applicant and the employer.

The applicant is required to submit a Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008). This form asks about the category under which the applicant is applying to enter Canada. for a live in caregiver program, the applicant will choose the economic category and then select Live in Caregiver Program under Question 2. Furthermore, this form also asks about any additional dependants that the applicant is looking to bring to Canada. the forms asks about the applicant’s personal details, relation status, educational background etc.

To apply for the work permit the applicant is required to submit Application for Work Permit made outside of Canada (IMM 1295).

Generally a temporary foreign worker must show he/she has access to sufficient funds to cover his/her living expenses. Exceptions include refuge claimants subject to an unenforceable removal order, students who have become temporarily destitute and temporary resident permit holders as long as their permits are valid for at least 6 months

However a work permit does not guarantee admission to Canada, the foreign worker must meet the requirements for issuance of the work permit at the time the visa is issued and must continue to meet these requirements at the time of arrival at the port of entry.

An applicant must provide the following documentation for the application of a work permit:

  • A Schedule 1—Application for Temporary Resident visa

  • A genuine job offer and or job contract from the prospective employer

  • A copy of positive LMIA

  • Background documents showing qualifications and experience as evidence that the applicant meets the requirements for the job

  • Proof of funds available

The general rule is that the foreign worker must apply for the work permit outside of Canada however there are situations where a work permit can be obtained from within Canada or at the port of entry. The following persons must apply outside Canada for a work permit:

  • Persons requiring a TRV

  • Seasonal agricultural workers

  • Live in caregivers

  • All persons who require a medical examination

  • International exchange program participants other than US citizens.

The application package includes an instruction guide which provides all information regarding the requirements of the application and how to fill out the forms.

For further information on live in caregiver program, please contact us at Akrami & Associates.

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