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FAQs for Live-in Caregivers

FAQs for Live-in Caregivers

FAQ – Live-in Caregivers

In this article, I will address a few popular questions and answers for Live-in Caregivers in Canada and some important information to consider if you are applying under this program for permanent residency in Canada. The live-in caregiver program was created by the Canadian government and was intended to provide eldercare, special needs and childcare service from experienced foreign nationals. If you feel as though you would be eligible to apply for under this program, I suggest you watch our video on “How to Hire a Live-in Caregiver” before reading this question and answer article. The intention of this article is meant to clarify any misunderstanding or confusion with regards to Live-in Caregivers in Canada.

Q: If I’m currently employed in Canada as a live-in caregiver, am I allowed to return to my home country for vacation?

A: This is a very common question. Fortunately, yes, you can return to your home country for vacation. Specifically, your vacation time period should be clearly indicated in your employment contract between you and your employer. Keep in mind, if you stay longer than what is indicated on your employment contract, without written consent from your employer, then you may lose your employment in Canada. Another important factor to consider is that if you leave Canada prior to receiving an approval for your permanent residency, and you do not have proper authorization to return to Canada, such as a work permit or a visitor visa, then you may not be allowed back into Canada. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain permanent residency in Canada prior to travelling back to your home country for vacation.

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