NAFTA allows citizens of Canada, the United States and Mexico to obtain quick entry into each other’s countries for temporary business or investment reasons.

For visitors under NAFTA, A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) is not a requirement and you are considered exempt.

There are four groups of business people under NAFTA:

  • Business Visitors
  • Professionals
  • Intra- company transferees
  • Traders and investors
  • Business visitor:

If you come to Canada as a business visitor to take a part in international business activities, you do not need an (LIMA). Further, you do not need work permit and you can stay up to six months.


To qualify as a Professional under NAFTA, your occupation has to fall on the list of NAFTA professionals. Contact us for more details.

Intra-company transferees:

If your parent company has a branch in the US, Canada or Mexico – you can qualify to transfer as worker to the branch without requiring a LMIA in one of three categories; executive, management or skilled knowledge.

Traders and investors:

You work in Canada as a trader or investor. You have to meet rules of NAFTA and you also need a work permit for this. You or your company must be conducting what would be considered a large amount of investments.

If you need to travel to Canada on business, feel free to contact us and we can prepare you for your travels and help ease your entry into Canada.

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