Provincial Nominee Program British Columbia

Who is eligible to apply for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program?

The Canadian province of British Columbia depends largely on the type of people employed within it, the skills and trades those workers bring in, and the overall employment structure and demographic of the province. To accomplish such feats and to continue aiming for high and positive growth, immigration plays a vital role in the economic development of British Columbia. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) offers methods of immigrations in to Canada, which are aimed, using various methods for immigration of such persons and groups with the required skills, trades, jobs, and occupations to meet the current labour market outcomes and to harness the safety of the future labour market projections.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program enables an immigration pathway to meet the growing demands of future potential foreign workers and experienced business people and entrepreneurs – people who can contribute greatly to the economy and overall well-being of the province.

Individuals who are nominated under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program are eligible to apply to Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CIC) for permanent residency for themselves (as primary applicants) and for their dependents (their legally married spouses, common law partners, or conjugal based relationship partners and their dependent children).

Under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, there are certain categories and stream which you have to consider based on the reason of entering Canada, your current job occupations, the skills, trades, and education background you possess, and the job or occupation which you will be working under once in Canada. you will also have to pay the respective fee required for processing your application, the amount of payment you will have to pay will depend on your category and stream, and will be due in Canadian funds (CAD $)

Who Can Apply under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program?

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program uses a scoring chart based on the supporting documents, relevant information about yourself and your history (personal, and educations, and skill wise such as previous experience of jobs, occupation trade, and employment capability). Currently, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program issues invitation to apply to potential candidates in the selection pool who scored the highest based on the selection criteria. The Provincial Nominee Program, as of now based on previous statistics, offers 5,800 invitations to apply yearly. The following are the categories under which applicants and potential candidates can apply for and register for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program:

  • Express Entry Category
  • Skilled Workers Category
  • International Graduates Category
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Category
  • Entrepreneurs

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Scoring Process

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program regularly draws candidates to invite for permanent residency from the relevant selection pool. The number and the frequency of invitations are based on the number of allocations granted to British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program. The following table enlist the minimum score required to be taken in to consideration for an invitation and also the number of invitations that are sent. The date is arranged according to different dates of selections, so as to formulate and observe the frequency rate of the application, selection, and invitation process:

 Date of Assessing   Stream and Category  Minimum Score Required    Number of Invitations Sent  
June 30, 2016 Entrepreneur Immigration 130 15
July 29, 2016 EEBC – Skilled Worker Category 135 46
EEBC – International Graduate Category 105 73
SI – Skilled Worker Category 135 20
SI – International Graduate Category 105 170
SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Category 95 10
June 2, 2016 EEBC – International Graduate Category 105 126

Guaranteed Invitations based on Scores for BCPNP

The following table lists the scores required for “Guaranteed Invitations.” If you achieve this score or exceed it, you will be called for an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, when the new pool of candidates is drawn from the category.

Category  Guaranteed Registration Score  
Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker Category 135
Skills Immigration – International Graduate Category 105
Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Category 95
Express Entry British Columbia – Skilled Worker Category 135
Express Entry British Columbia – International Graduate Category


BC PNP Processing Times

Processing times vary greatly depending on the type of category and stream you apply under and if you correctly submit all the necessary information, documents, and support documents.

Processing Times for the Skills Immigration Category:

Date Receive  Estimated Processing Times  
January to March 2015 14 to 16 months
April to July 2015 16 months
Onwards from February 2016 2 to 3 months

The following are the processing times for Entrepreneur Immigration

Date Received Estimated Processing Times
February 2013 to May 2013 36 to 39 months
June 2013 to May 2014 33 to 36 months
June 2014 to April 2015 24 to 36 months
Onwards from January 2016 3 to 4 months

Required Documents for Processing and Applying to the BC Provincial Nominee Program:

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For a successful British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, you will have to provide an abundant and sufficient amount of paperwork and documentation that will convince the immigration officer that you will obey the law while you are in Canada that your reason for entry is valid, that you will respect the terms of your stay in Canada,. Remember for a nomination under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program you will first have to obtain a minimum required score under the selection criteria and submit all the necessary document and relevant information. Contact us at Akrami and Associated today to book a consultation and determine what next steps you should take.

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