PNP Easy Immigration to Canada

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Easy Immigration to Canada

So are you thinking of immigrating? Many people are thinking of immigrating to new countries because

  • Immigration offers a change of scene and for most people is an opportunity to start a different life.
  • Immigration is motivated by economic prospects as well. Those who do not fare so well economically in their home countries decide to immigrate in order to find a better job and a better standard of life. Right now, Canada has been attracting future immigrant's attention. Canada offers a better quality of life and better job prospects, which makes the country a popular haven for immigrants. Canada offers a variety of methods by which an immigrant can make Canada their home. One of these methods is the provincial nominee program. Canada is divided is into provinces. In the provincial nominee program, each of the provinces will nominate immigrants who will be allowed to settle in that province or territory.

Each province decides the regulation that is required for an immigrant to settle there. Hence there are no unified set of rules, the rules are unique for each province. Besides, the provinces have the liberty to change these rules without prior notice. It will be slightly difficult for an applicant to keep tabs on the rules that are subject to change at all times. It is advisable to take help in order to keep track of all the changes.

The provincial nominee rules of a particular territory are made in such a way that it is beneficial to that territory. For instance, suppose there is place where there has been a lot of industrial expansion and the territory has witnessed the opening of many factories. For this territory it will be advantageous to nominate engineers and skilled factory workers. This is just an example to provide an overview of how the program works. There are different categories of professionals and non professionals. Each territory maintains a list of these and using these lists an immigrant can crosscheck with his/her own skill set.

If an immigrant wishes to settle in a particular province, then this is the ideal method of immigration for them. However if you have just decided that you need to immigrate to Canada, without specifying a particular province, then you can take some help to decide whether your skill set would be useful for a province.

So how does an immigrant apply to this program?

  • After narrowing down the choice of province, the next step is to apply to that province. After this process is completed, then it is province's turn to consider your application. The chance of your application being accepted depends on many factors. Firstly, it would depend on the number of applications received by the province in that particular category. Then, the need of the province for a particular class of workers would also play a part in your application being accepted. The province would also check the motivation of an immigrant and his/her need to settle in Canada. Around eleven provinces in Canada participate in the Provincial Nominee program as of now.
  • If the province accepts your application, then it nominates you to the government of Canada. Now the applicant has moved a step further. The next step is to apply to the CIC or the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It should be noted that this is a different application process. While the application is being processed, this department would send an officer who would then check on the applicant. The application would be evaluated based on the rules of immigration in Canada. Hence it would be helpful for the applicants if they seek help of an experienced immigration firm with knowledge of these rules and regulations. Even if the applicant passes this stage, the application process is not over yet.
  • After successfully completing this stage, the applicant is required to get a medical certificate. In order to get this certificate the applicant would have undergo a medical examination. This examination cannot be performed by any doctor; it is valid only when the examination is performed by a doctor approved by the Canadian immigration officials.

Once all these procedures are complete, you are ready to come to Canada. These applications involve a lot of paperwork and require a lot of work. If you require further information on the PNP programs, please feel free to contact us.

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