The Provincial Nominee Program


In an effort to attract immigrants to provinces across Canada, the provincial nominee program targets those who have the skills, education and work experience needed to contribute to the province or territory that nominates them. Before you can apply for permanent residence under this category, you must be nominated by a province. Each province has unique sub categories under which you can apply which also have unique criteria based on the province and programs offered. Before you decide on a province, you should research as to what province suits you best based not only on which province you would like to reside in but which offers the best program with the highest chance of success for you.

Am I eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program?

Most provinces in Canada have an agreement with the Federal Government of Canada that allows them to nominate or choose immigrants who wish to settle in a province permanently. The provinces that currently have an agreement are:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan

How do I Get Nominated or Chosen by a Province?

Each province and territory has unique criteria. Among this criteria is an in-person interview hosted in the province or territory of your choosing. This allows potential applicants the opportunity to see first hand what the province is like as well as allowing that province to determine if you are a good match for them.

What Happens After I Have Been Nominated?

Once you have been nominated by a province or territory, you will then make a separate application for permanent residence in Canada to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You will also have to pass a medical exam as well as obtain a police certificate. Your application for permanent residence will be assessed based on the current regulations and standards for permanent residence in Canada.

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