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Information For Canadian Business Visitors

Information For Canadian Business Visitors

Visit Canada on Business

The Canadian market presents unique opportunities in the modern business world. As such, many modern businessmen have clients and connections in Canada, and their business would benefit from individuals having the opportunity to meet with Canadian clients, attend meetings and conferences in Canada, and …. Many would believe, for good reason, that to do this an individual would need a work permit. Though, this is not the case. There are some specific regulations which surround business visitors; nevertheless, individuals are allowed to come to Canada to “visit for business.” Throughout this article, we will discuss the way a business visitor should go about lawfully entering Canada, and, the regulations which surround business visitors during their time in Canada.

What is a Business Visitor?

A business visitor is someone who is not working in Canada per say, as they do not directly engage in the labor market. However, a business visitor is permitted to engage in international business activities. As mentioned, this could be things such as meeting people from other partnering companies to do business within Canada through the partnership, observing site visits, or, visiting because a Canadian company invited them for training, or to perhaps hold a conference in product use, sales and other business transaction functions. The main requirement of a business visitor is that they must prove their main source of income and their main place of business is outside of Canada. You must be able to prove this to be permitted to enter Canada as a business visitor.

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