Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA

What Is Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

Note: LMIA formally known as Labor Market Opinion (LMO)

Labour Market Impact Assessment

A Labour Market Impact Assessment, LMIA, is a legal document issued by the government of Canada to the employer. LMIA will allow the applicant, a skilled worker, to get a work permit to work in Canada.

The government will issue either a negative or positive LMIA to the employer after applying. The employee can use the LMIA to get a work permit to work in Canadian.

What Are Some Disadvantages of Labour Market Impact Assessment?

  • It can be difficult in meeting all requirements and to convince the government that there are no other Canadian citizens to do the job.
  • Remember that a Labour Market Impact Assessment is issued based on the present LMIA needs. For example, if you want to provide a job with a profession that has high unemployment rates, then you cannot get Labour Market Impact Assessment easily.
  • The employer should advertise the job position even if there is an employee fixed for that position. This is to prove to Service Canada, the Federal Government that proper attempts were made to find a Canadian citizen for the job. By advertising, you may get many Canadians who apply for the position.

Things You Need to Know About Labor Market Impact Assessmen: LMIA:

  • The employer should pick a job title and associated NOC number from the list provided by Service Canada.
  • The Labour Market Impact Assessment also relies heavily on wages offered.
  • Employer community involvement and recruitment attempts may also play a factor.
  • The employer should advertise the position accurately reflecting the employer needs.
  • The employer and employee should come up with a job description that supports the intended applicant. The description should include the areas of expertise the employee has. The area of expertise however should not be a skill that does not benefit Canada.
  • The employee should also demonstrate that they can transfer their skill set to Canada and can provide proper training to Canadian employees, if necessary. This makes sure that the employee is contributing to Canadian labor force.
  • Remember that you need some time to process the work permit, so make sure this is accounted for when considering an intended start date.
  • The primary concern of Service Canada is that the employee is not being underpaid. So the employer should provide proper salary as per the prevailing wage. If the employer is willing to go higher than this wage, the application has a higher chance for success.
  • Employer should advertise the job according to the requirements of the NOC.

Our firm can help you with both the Labour Market Impact Assessment and Work Permits. We can also speed up the process by properly and correctly following the steps to get the Labour Market Impact Assessment for employers and work permit for employee and getting it done right the first time. We also assist the employer with the posting the advertisement. Please contact us today!

Apply For A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Apply For A Labour Market Impact Assessment

Service Canada provides Labour Market Impact Assessments to the employer and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The LMIA is an assessment of the likely impact that the hiring of the foreign worker may have on the Canadian labour market.

Not every single position requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Contact us to see if you will need one.

If The Job Offer Requires An LMO

You will be required to complete an Application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment and submit it to the appropriate Service Canada Centre serving your region. Service Canada considers the following factors in an LMO application:

  • The occupation in which the foreign worker will be employed
  • The wages and working conditions offered to the foreign worker
  • The employer's advertisement and recruitment efforts to hire Canadians permanent residents
  • The associated labour market benefits that may occur from hiring the foreign worker (e.g., transfer of new skills, knowledge, creation, retention of jobs, etc.)
  • Consultations with organized labour if the position the foreign worker will fill is part of a bargaining unit
  • Determination if the entry of the foreign worker is likely to affect the settlement of an ongoing labour dispute

Please note that for certain occupations you (the employer) may also be required to submit an employment contract which will be considered as part of the Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Changes To The LMIA

Prior to the Labour Market Impact Assessment, the process was known as a Labour Market Opinion. On June 20, 2014, the Minister of Employment and Social Development, and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, announced significant changes to Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Under the new rule, the Labour Market Opinon will now be replaced by the Labour Market Impact Assessment ("LMIA"). LMIA-exempt foreign workers will become part of the newly-named International Mobility Program. As a result, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program will only refer to foreign workers who require an LMIA.

Following Are The Changes Made To The LMIA Program:

  • The new Labour Market Impact Assessment is more comprehensive and rigorous than the previous Labour Market Opinion process. Employers will specifically be required to provide substantially more documentation, including the details regarding the number of Canadians that applied for the job in question and the number that were interviewed, as well as an explanation as to why they were not hired.
  • The fee for employers requesting approval for a foreign worker to work in Canada will increase from $275.00 to $1000.00
  • Employment and Social Development Canada will refuse to process Labour Market Impact Assessment applications in Accommodation, Food Services and Retail Trade sectors in regions where the unemployment rate is 6% or above.
  • A cap exists on the number of low-wage Temporary Foreign Workers that any one employer may have at a time as a percentage of their overall workforce.
  • Lower wage positions will no longer be determined by the National Occupation Categories. Instead it will be based on the provincial median hourly wage.
  • The duration of any given work permit will be reduced from two years to one year, forcing employees to reapply for a work permit.
  • There will be a reduced maximum number of years available to low skilled foreign workers.
  • A new fast-track option will be available high demand occupations, highest paid occupations and short term work for jobs with "above average" pay.
  • Employers seeking to hire high-wage temporary foreign workers will be required to submit transition plans to demonstrate how they will increase efforts to hire Canadians, including through higher wages, investments in training and active recruitment efforts in the Canadian labour market.
  • The On-Farm Primary Agriculture stream will be exempt from the cap, reduced timelines and higher fees.
  • The Live-in Caregiver Program, which facilitates the entry of nannies to Canada, is subject to the new $1,000 fee but is not subject to the overall cap or the reduced timelines, although other reforms to this specific program are forthcoming.

Though all these changes are not yet all enforced, they are certainly up and coming. This new process is certainly a more complex one, leaving many employers and applicants scratching their heads as to where to even begin. Contact us to find out how we can help you. Akrami & Associates is always up to date with current Regulation and knows how to get the job done right the first time. We would be happy to assist you achieve your goals.

We Can Help You with your Labour Market Impact Assessment Application!

Labour Market Impact Assessment Application

We have dealt with hundreds of Labour Market Impact Assessment application cases. We have helped our clients in their difficult situations and have guided them to draft a more effective application. We can help you draft your application and arrange the required documents. A well-planned and complete application will increase your likelihood of acceptance and will save your from hassle.

 If you are worried about the legal fees – Don't be! Our goal is to help everyone that is interested in immigrating to Canada. Contact us and we can provide numerous options for you. You can also purchase our very affordable Do it Yourself Immigration Kit which details everything for you. If you are still not sure, feel free to get back to us. We will review your case before you submit it to give you the best possible outcome.

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