• misrepresentation

    February 22, 2024

    Have you Been Charged with Misrepresentation by IRCC?

    Have you been Charged with Misrepresentation by IRCC? One common pitfall that many applicants encounter is misrepresentation.  Have you been charged with misrepresentation by IRCC? Misrepresentation refers to the act of providing false or misleading information or documentation during the immigration process. It is a serious offense that [...]

  • March 23, 2021

    Removal order from Canada 2021

    You’ve received a Removal Order from Canada. Now what? You cannot legally remain in Canada and must leave the country. Depending on the circumstances you may either have to leave immediately or you may have the chance to appeal. Why you received a removal order?   Those who [...]

  • Removal-Order-from-Canada.png

    March 26, 2020

    Removal Order from Canada

    Authorization to Return to Canada ARC If you have received a removal order from the government of Canada and wishing to return then you may be eligible to apply for Authorization to Return to Canada. Individuals that get removal order can be either due to: Refugee application refused [...]

  • Document-Fraud-and-Misrepresentation.jpg

    May 29, 2019

    Document Fraud and Misrepresentation

    How to Identify Document Fraud and Misrepresentation “Honesty is the best policy.” This saying is particularly true when it comes to submitting applications to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. If an immigration officer finds out you are being untruthful about your application, your application can be refused. [...]

  • Study-Permit-Through-the-Student-Direct-Stream.jpg

    February 11, 2019

    Getting Your Study Permit via the Student Direct Stream

    Studying in Canada As traveling becomes more convenient, many foreign nationals have considered about studying abroad. Canada is one of the most popular countries that attracts many foreign students to obtain a valid and prestigious educational credential. As a result, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada has announced the [...]

  • Important-Information-about-Immigration-Fraud-and-Misrepresentation.png

    November 26, 2018

    Important Information about Immigration Fraud and Misrepresentation

    Understanding Immigration Fraud and Misrepresentation As a newcomer to Canada, you may not be familiar with how companies or the government does business in Canada. This can potentially lead you to believe in companies that try scam you by phone or email. Often times, those scammers will pretend [...]

  • Video Cover Image

    March 20, 2018

    What is Misrepresentation Video

    Misrepresentation can be direct or indirect. Direct misrepresentation is when you willingly and knowingly lied about your information. Indirect misrepresentation means that you did not know it was misrepresentation or you were not aware. Watch our video below on what is misrepresentation and advice pertaining to misrepresentation. What is [...]

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    March 20, 2018

    Update on Parental Sponsorship Video

    There has been many questions asked about the Parental Sponsorship. It is important to note that there is only 10,000 applications that will be accepted for the year of 2018. The Parental Sponsorship goes through a lottery system. Watch our video below on the update on Parental Sponsorship [...]

  • Video Cover Image

    March 19, 2018

    LICO Requirement for Super Visa Video

    Before applying for a Super Visa, it is vital for you to understand and know what the LICO requirement is for the Super Visa. The LICO requirement is also referred to as the minimum income requirement. The inviter must have sufficient funds to support the parents and/or grandparents [...]

  • QAs-for-Labour-Market-Impact-Assessment.jpg

    March 16, 2018

    Q&As for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

    FAQ – Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) In this article, I will address popular questions and answers regarding the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in Canada as well as some important information to consider if you are applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A Labour Market [...]

  • FAQs-for-Canadian-Citizenship.jpg

    March 9, 2018

    FAQs for Canadian Citizenship

    Frequently Asked Questions for Canadian Citizenship In this article, I will be answering frequently asked questions for Canadian citizenship in order for individuals to further understand what Canadian citizenship entails. Canadian Citizenship can only be requested and applied for by a permanent resident of Canada who meets specific [...]

  • QAs-for-Study-Permits-in-Canada.jpg

    March 5, 2018

    Q&As for Study Permits in Canada

    Questions and Answers for Study Permits in Canada This article will be addressing popular questions and answers for study permits in Canada. There are many foreign nationals that would like to come to Canada to study in a variety of different fields. Therefore, in order for you to [...]