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If you want to sponsor your loved one, you will need to understand the difference between spousal, common law and conjugal relationships. Watch our video to find out how you may qualify and what type of documents to include to prove you are in a spousal/common law/conjugal relationship. 

Family Class Sponsorship

When submitting a spousal, common-law or conjugal application there are few differences between these applications. When it comes to spousal applications the important document you would need to include is the marriage certificate. If the marriage took place in Canada it would have to be recognized by the province/territory the marriage took place. If the marriage took place outside of Canada it would have to be recognized in the country it took place.

For a common-law sponsorship you need to have cohabitated for at least 12 months with your partner. While in a common-law relationship if you happen to leave for business trips, short leisure trips or emergency purposes as long as you can explain your reasons for being absent from each other than it is still accepted towards your time together. If have been apart from each other for like 3 months or more then most likely it will not be counted towards your time together. How you can prove your common law relationship is by providing joint documents such as joint utilities, joint property, joint bank account statements, joint ownership of a home, joint rentals receipts, joint purchases etc. If you don't have joint documents to show you can also use separate documents with the same mailing address you use, for example showing a credit card bill has been sent to a same mailing address.

If you like sponsor your conjugal partner you would have to demonstrate you have been in a genuine relationship with your partner for at least one year. This relationship would require a large amount of attachment between you two, as well as both a physical relationship and a mutually interdependent relationship. To be eligible to apply under this category as the applicant and sponsor you would need to demonstrate to the immigration officer that you are unable to get married or be in a common-law relationship due to certain barriers. These barriers can include religion, sexual orientation, immigration barrier or your current marital status (e.g. you are currently married to someone else and living in a country where divorce is not an option). Lets say you are from Brazil and your spouse is Canadian, as the Canadian you would need to demonstrate why you as the sponsor cannot go to Brazil and live together or get married with your spouse in Brazil. So you have to provide ample documents to prove you are unable to be together with your spouse due to an immigration barrier, sexual orientation, religion, your marital status or whatever reason you may have.

If you like to sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner to Canada but are unsure if you are eligible to do so or have attempted on your own but were unsuccessful with it then contact us today. Our immigration experts will assess your situation and determine the best route to reunite you with your loved ones.

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