You can immigrate to Canada under Family Class Sponsorship if you have a relative who is a Canadian permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.
10 Things to Know About Being a Sponsor
4 Reasons Why Spousal Sponsorship Applications Get Refused
Another Opportunity for Parents and Grandparents Video
Can I File Family Class Sponsorship Application Myself?
Can I Sponsor My Spouse to Canada?
Canada Permanent Residence Status Benefits Video
Canadian Immigration Analysis Video
Changes to the New Parental Sponsorship Application
Common Law Requirements
Common Law Sponsorship: Supporting Documents
Common-law Sponsorship Canada
Completing a Common Law Application
Conditional PR Provision No Longer in Effect for Spouses
Conjugal Partner Sponsorship Canada
Conjugal Relationship What You Need to Know
Conjugal Sponsorship Requirements
Dependent Child and other Sponsorship
Dependent Child and other Sponsorship
Dependent Child or Other Sponsorship Requirements
Dependent Children
Dependent children Meeting Requirements
Do You Want to Sponsor Your Family Members?
Documents to Include Common Law Partner
Documents to Include When Sponsoring
Family Class Minimum Necessary Income
Family Class Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship FAQs
Family Class Residency Requirements for Sponsors
Family Class Sponsorship
Family Class Sponsorship
Family Class Sponsorship Agreement
Family Class Sponsorship Bars to Sponsorship
Family Class Sponsorship Calculating Required Income
Family Class Sponsorship Co-Signing a Sponsorship
Family Class Sponsorship Inland vs Overseas Application Video
Family Class Sponsorship The Financial Test
Family Class Sponsorship Video
Family Reunion to Reopen in January
FAQs: Common Law Sponsorship
FAQs: Conjugal Partner Applications
FAQs: Spousal Sponsorship
Financial Requirements of the Sponsor The Low Income Cut Off
Financial Responsibility when Sponsoring
Genuineness of a Relationship
Genuineness of Relationship Video
Help You With Spousal Sponsorship
How to Make a Good Personal Statement
How to Sponsor Your Common Law Partner Video
How to Write a Good Supporting Letter for Sponsorship
How We Can help With a Dependent Child Application
I Recently Got Married and Would like to Sponsor My Spouse
I was Married Before Can I Sponsor My New Wife?
Including your Family in your LCP Application
Inland vs Overseas Applications
Inland vs Overseas Sponsorship Video
Inland vs Overseas Spousal Sponsorship Video
Main Eligibility Requirements
Medical Exams and Panel Physicians
Non Accompanying Family Members and How they Affect You
Options for Canadian Family Class Sponsorship Video
Options to Immigrate to Canada Video
Overseas versus Inland Sponsorships
Parental and Grandparental Sponsorship Requirements
Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship
Processing and Non-Routine Cases
Processing Stages for Members of the Family Class
Provincial Family Class Sponsorship
Relationships of Convenience
Residency Obligations for Permanent Residents Video
Responsibilities for Sponsor and Applicant
Responsibility of Sponsors
Rights of Fiancé in Canada?
Sponsoring your Parents to Canada
Sponsoring Your Spouse With Criminal Record
Sponsorship Agreement and Co-Signers
Sponsorship Application for Canada
Sponsorship Applications Frequently Asked Questions
Sponsorship Questions and Answers Video
Sponsorship: Form Guidelines
Spousal Sponsorship and Personal Statement
Spousal Sponsorship Canada
Spousal Sponsorship Dual Intent Video
Spousal Sponsorship Interview Video
The Difference Between Inland & Overseas Spousal Application
Things to Keep in Mind with Conjugal Sponsorship
Tips for Parental Sponsorship
Tips on Sponsoring a Dependent Child or Other
Unique Relationships in the Family Class
We Can Help
We Can Help With Your Common Law Application
We Can help You With Parental Sponsorship
What Does Common Law Mean in Canada
What is Family Class Sponsorship
Who Can Sponsor Video
Who Can you Sponsor under Family Class?
Who is a Member of the Family Class
Whom Can You Sponsor?
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